Rider Story / Nicole Main

How were you first introduced to Peloton?

My friend Sara and her dad both have Peloton bikes and she would text me about all the amazing rides she was doing. I would wake up to texts like, “East Coast Hip Hop ride!’ She told me over and over again how much I needed to get the bike and it turns out, she was totally right!

In July of last year, I was super pregnant and unbeknownst to me, Sara and our other girlfriends convinced my husband to buy me a Peloton for our anniversary! It was crazy because I’d never done a spin class in my life, but it turned out to be a good gamble because I obviously love it! I wasn’t able to use it much right away, but I started about a month after our son Grayson was born. I haven’t stopped riding since!

What’s your favorite part of the workout?

The convenience, the coaches, and the competition! I love that I can get my ride in whenever it fits in with my schedule which usually ends up being early in the morning. I’m a huge fan of the live rides, but I’m usually grabbing an on-demand class whenever I can. Then there are the coaches; they are the best. Lately, I’ve been riding with Alex and Steven (#HRTribe for life!). Both of these guys are so motivating. Alex always reminds me to smile because I woke up (while playing all the best songs that remind me of high school) and Steven drops amazing pearls of wisdom all the time. His reminders to both #PIVOT and to “check myself before I wreck myself” are super helpful for both my rides and mom life. Finally, I do love the competition but lately, I’ve learned to enjoy competing mostly with myself. It’s fun to chase a personal record or do a ride over again and see how much I’ve improved.

Can you describe how the class experience makes you feel?

Energized! This is especially true with live rides. I’ve audibly celebrated when getting a shout out or passing someone who I’ve been chasing on the leaderboard. Also, I feel like I’m not alone even though I’m definitely in a garage, usually, all by myself.

How has Peloton impacted your role as a mother?

My bike definitely makes me a better “Pelo-mom.” After Grayson was born, I went from getting lots of sleep to getting very little sleep – total zombie-status each day. So when I was ready to start exercising again, I forced myself to get it done each day because I knew it would give me the energy I needed to be a good mom for both of my kids. My bike makes it so easy and fun to get my workout in so that I’m energized to mom it up for the rest of the day.

Also, I love that my kids see me working out regularly. When my daughter sees me with my heart monitor on she says, “Have a good ride!” and when I get back in she always asks, “How was your ride?”. She can’t wait until she’s big enough to “do a ride,” too.

How would you describe the support from the Peloton community especially from other moms?

My Facebook feed has definitely had a Pelo-takeover, but I love it!  Between the Official Rider Page, #HRTribe, and the Peloton mom group, I’m inundated with inspiration, humor, sound advice, and people who just love their bike and this community. Seeing everyone else push past obstacles, no matter how small or large, to achieve their goals is daily motivation to keep at it. Each day I see so many moms getting their rides in and that inspires me to get mine done too.

Being a busy mom, how has Peloton changed your ability to fit in your workouts? 

As a mom, it’s so easy to deprioritize yourself and make excuses to avoid your workout.  But by having my bike right in my house I have a daily reminder to get rid of any excuse I might have and just ride. I can workout with the baby monitor clipped to the bike while both my kids nap, with my little guy in his jumper, or if all else fails, while babywearing!


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