Revelations Through Revolutions / Nicole Meline


Every new year we put new initiatives in place for ourselves. Whether large or small goals, they ultimately allow us to reveal things about ourselves that we’ve never been aware of before. We see this happening throughout our riders over and over again by way of the work they commit to on the bike paired with our inspiring roster of Instructors. We sat down with Instructor Nicole Meline to talk more about what she plans to reveal, what motivates her and how she sees our community revealing themselves everyday on the bike.

  1. What do you plan to reveal about yourself this year?

This year, I want to practice courage. I want to discover and reveal the courage to trust my own voice and vision for all its funk. I want the grit of a pioneer and the faith of an inventor who believes in working to carve fresh paths, perspectives, languages. The courage to weave the streams of crazily diverse passions—movement, music, science, food, poetry— into a single, thriving river.


2. What’s the most surprising thing you’ve discovered about yourself by working toward a goal of yours?

There are no expiration dates on your dreams and all the magic is in revision. Last September I raced my first Ironman triathlon in Mallorca, Spain. 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile (marathon) run. Twenty years after I first dreamed about it. Ten, twenty years ago I would have never imagined I would be mining the kind of strength I’m after at this moment in my life. The dreams that are deepest in you—the daring feats you want your body to be capable of; the art, the work, the love you want to create—are your spiritual DNA. You want them because you were made for them. Your world deserves to see you accomplish them. If you feel like a late bloomer, if you’re writing a second or third or 70th chapter, that means you’re bringing more of yourself to it and your experience and expression will be richer for it. A first marathon at the age of 60 means a helluva lot more than at 20. So refocus, revise, reinvent the means, but be stubborn about your dreams. The world needs them.


3. Do you have a favorite story from a Peloton rider that has discovered something about themselves? 

One of our Peloton riders is living with a Stage IV cancer diagnosis and wrote me a few months ago to tell me how Peloton shapes the way she’s facing her battle. Every time she gets on the bike she gets a glimpse of how strong she is; she drowns her anxiety and stress in sweat, gets lost in the music and the rhythm of the pack, and finishes the ride with deeper, grittier resolve to fight hard and fight well for her life. She’s paying more attention to the simple fact that she can ride, she can move and feel the rush of her body’s power, than she is to the Leaderboard right now (but I have a feeling that will change). Her rides are acts of gratitude, and defiance. I am fiercely proud I get to be in her wheelhouse.


4. What is your best piece of advice for someone for starting a new initiative?

Know that you already have what it takes. Learning or mastering something is simply a process of unearthing ability and skill you already have. Get curious about your perceived limits, your edges; that’s how you push them.


5. The Peloton community is proof that powerful revelations are made in class or at home on the bike. Why would you say someone should try Peloton and become part of this revolutionary community?

Peloton is a revolution. We stand for carving out time in our day to loose our breath, feel our edges, sweat fiercely, and expand our hearts and our vision. We’re rebelling against sedentary mediocrity. We know that in those moments of breathless intensity we get flashes of inspiration about what we’re building with our lives. Our vision expands, and sharpens. We experience these moments collectively, in a single moment as we ride live as one peloton spanning the globe, or in a collection of moments on our own time, united in one ride. We carry each other; we’re carried by each other. And we’re learning each other’s stories, dreams, goals, creating a network of possibility. There are so many reasons our workouts are ideal and can be modified for anyone. We celebrate the idiosyncrasies of who you are, where and how you move. We’ll meet you on your level, and reach with you for the next.

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