Revelations Through Revolutions / Jess King

Jess (1)This week Instructor Jess King unravels her goals, deep insight, and the relentless pride that she has for the Peloton community. Take a glimpse into what she’s revealing about herself in this week’s Revelations Through Revolutions feature.

1. What do you plan to reveal about yourself this year?

This year I am going to reveal my life’s purpose: I am MAGMA from the Earth’s core that initiates radical transformation for myself and others. The magnitude of this responsibility and it’s possibility fuels me in a weighted, wide-eyed way. To admit, even to myself, that this power exists deep within my core is a revelation within itself. The rumble began last year. I felt a stirring, a heated discomfort in my comfortability. Life was good, is good! But why not better? Why not more? We are allowed to have it all! This year, it is my commitment to you to hold the mirror and your hand and politely dismiss these limiting belief systems we have created to keep us safe, to keep us put. 2016 is the earthquake that is sending us all running (…riding) for a new, fresh landscape.

2. To date, what’s the most surprising thing you’ve discovered about yourself by working toward a goal of yours? 
For as long as I can recall, there has always been a strong force that has been persistent, present, calling me (at times yelling at me) to keep going. Achieve. Succeed. Create. Invent. Conquer. (Or maybe that was just my mother?) I have discovered the immeasurable value in stillness & reflection. The Universe is made of opposing forces and it is because of these polarities that the Earth, and all of its moving parts, find balance. It’s time now to accept that slowing down is ok and an inexcusable part of the formula for dream weaving. There is so much to be heard from the silence, so pardon me while I power down to power up.
3. Do you have a favorite story from a Peloton rider that has discovered something about themselves? 
The inherent nature of a peloton is connection and community. The words “team”, “tribe”, “flock” and “family” all surface when I close my eyes and feel into the resonance of the word “peloton”. However, every now and then someone must pull away from the pack and lead. I have seen it happen countless times in our Peloton. A rider, a mom, a survivor, an individual rider emerges from the formation and fearlessly charges forward. Maybe fearLESS is not the word here for fear is one of our greatest motivators. Yet, they maintain steadfast & strong and climb the leaderboard as if their life depends on it. Sometimes, it does. I have witnessed so many Riders shatter belief systems and records that leave our engineers baffled. Could these outputs be true? Yes. They are. Because you can not measure the human spirit and that my dear friends, is what fuels our pack. To answer this question: no I cannot name a specific rider that sticks out in my mind. To do so would deny thousands deserving recognition for their bravery and leadership. Leaders, you know who you are. Big applause. Believers, turn it up and go baby, go!
4. What is your best piece of advice for someone for starting a new initiative?
The unknown is always intimidating and not intended to be navigated alone. Call in your tribe and ask for support in your adventure. I am a firm believer in the power of manifestation. Thinking about      (fill in the blank)      is the first degree. Writing it down would be the second and speaking it out loud is the third. I challenge you to speak your dreams/goals into existence by telling others how they can keep you accountable and demanding their support towards your efforts. It takes an army (or a Peloton).
5.The Peloton community is proof that powerful revelations are made in class or at home on the bike. Why would you say someone should try Peloton and become part of this revolutionary community?
Peloton is like nothing you have ever done, known, or seen before. I can say this with absolute confidence and conviction. The workout unearths a fountain of sweat saltier than the ocean. The ride is equal parts work/play, love/hate, courage/surrender. The mindset shifts; dissonance for resonance, unimaginable to tangible, untapped becomes unstoppable. Our leaders are athletes and dreamers educated in the art of curiosity. We, as coaches, not only know who you are but love you, genuinely and personally. I am wholeheartedly invested in your transformation and when you’re not there, I miss you. Our technology is not only revolutionizing fitness, but lives. It keeps us connected and accountable. Peloton is a fantasy actualized for my only-child self. I now have a global family of like-minded individuals to keep me dreaming bigger, stretching farther, and reminding every single day how blessed we all are. It only seems appropriate here to say thank you. I am honored.