Jennifer Jacobs’ Top Tips to Get Up & Go


I’m not a morning person. As much as I would love to sleep the day away, 6:00 AM classes don’t allow for such a routine. To ensure that I am up and full of energy, below are some of the ways that I set myself up for a successful day ahead.

The Alarm Game 

Morning Rituals

  • The first thing I do when I get up is head to my freezer and grab a mask to wake up my eyes! At the same time, I prepare a hot tea: lavender & honey is my favorite!
  • While the water is boiling and my eye mask is on, I roll out my upper back, lats and also my calves with a foam roller to prep my muscles for class. It’s also the perfect opportunity to visualize the rest of the day ahead.
  • Finally, I get geared up to go. I lay out my clothes the night before which cuts down on time and has me ready to walk out the door and to the studio with little delay.

It’s All About the Beats

  • Music fuels me! I listen to my favorite playlist on my way to the studio and while I get ready for my ride. At the same time, I fuel up on a banana which is the most portable source of energy!

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Cody Rigsby’s Introduction to Meditation

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Why meditation?  

I use meditation to press pause and give my mind and body time to settle. It creates a space for me to exist without all the constant chatter and thinking that goes on in my head. Taking the time to be present allows you to realize what ideas and thoughts have value and which ones aren’t worth investing time into. It’s our body’s natural defense to be anxious, it is something that is instilled in our fight-or-flight response. Meditation allows us to evolve beyond that and have peace within the current moment.

Strengthening Your Thoughts

A misconception of meditation is that you are supposed to not think or experience emotion; it’s actually the opposite. Focusing on your breathing brings you into the present moment. This focus allows for there to be space in between your thoughts and gives you the ability to realize if they are worth your time or not. It also allows evaluating before reacting. Meditation is like a workout for your mind and the space in between thoughts is the muscle you are trying to grow. The more space you have there, the more clarity you have with your decisions, reactions, and feelings.

Tips for beginners

  • Start small – Dedicate 5-10 minutes a day to meditation. See how it goes and when you’re ready for more, start to add on!
  • Dedicate a space – Try to use the same space every day to meditate. Let this space be inviting and include things that make you feel calm: pillows, candles, scents. Even if it is just a corner of your house, let it be your corner.
  • Stay consistent – Sometimes it takes us a while to get comfortable with something. There is no way to do this right. Give yourself room to fail and succeed.


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Jenn Sherman’s 5 new ways to refresh your workout for spring

1A2C99891.) Start small

Setting small, attainable goals is a great way to challenge yourself on the bike. Setting large, unattainable goals could leave you feeling defeated and frustrated. Start small and go from there! For example, if your instructor is calling out 50 resistance for 1 minute, try taking it to 55 to kick it up a notch. Don’t worry about others around you on the leaderboard. Just do you and be proud of your small successes that will lead to even greater ones!

 2.) Show someone new on the leaderboard some support

The Peloton community is a supportive and inclusive family. Reach out to a new home rider by inviting them to ride with you sometime soon. They will feel welcomed and you will have a new riding partner to share the experience with!

3.) Set an attainable nutritional goal

Set a new nutritional goal. For me, drinking more water is a must. I’ve recently eliminated sugar or anything processed from my diet and I’ve never felt better!

4.) Show off your favorite gear 

There’s nothing like a cool new pair of “magic pants” or a fresh new top from the Peloton boutique to get you feeling like a million bucks on the bike. Spruce up your workout wardrobe for spring by treating yourself to a few new special pieces to sweat it out in. It feels great to look like a badass on the bike, even if no one can see you!

5.) Be proud of your accomplishments 

I always say, be proud of all that you have accomplished on this bike. Whether it’s your 10th ride or your 500th, every pedal stroke counts! Pedal your way through spring feeling stronger and healthier as we head into summer!

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What our instructors love most about Home Rider Invasion Weekend


Christine D’Ercole

“What I loved about Home Rider Invasion last year was the opportunity to put faces with names and stories! Stories of hope, change, choice, and transformation. Stories that start with a bike, that ripple and inspire beyond the bike to change lives one ride at a time.”

Cody Rigsby

“The energy at Home Rider Invasion is infectious. A community of dreamers coming together to celebrate each other’s greatness. I can’t wait to put smiles and faces to leaderboard names.”

Ally Love

“I can’t wait to party in person!”

Matt Wilpers

“I’m looking forward to having a weekend ‘fit-cation’ with everyone in New York City! I’m most excited to meet the hardworking riders behind the leaderboard names and hear about how I can help them achieve their fitness goals.”

Jennifer Jacobs

“The best part is having the energy of the leaderboard in the studio!!!”

Steven Little

“I love being able to motivate and help so many people and then meet them in person to hear about their success stories first hand.”

Jess King

“I am most excited about putting real faces to the names on the leaderboard and hearing their stories! I can’t wait to meet you all!”

Alex Toussaint

“What I love most about the Home Rider Invasion is being able to connect with riders like they’re family. They get excited to meet all of the instructors, but I get just as excited to meet them. They are not just riders to me, they are family.”

Jenn Sherman

“Home Rider Invasion brings this Peloton experience full circle. Leaderboard names come to life. Seeing brand new friends who feel like old friends meet for the first time….priceless.”

Robin Arzon

“Home Rider Invasion weekend is a time to celebrate that we’re all bonded by sweat.”

Hannah Marie Corbin

“It’s such a blast putting faces to leaderboard names and I love hearing how unstoppable this rockstar community is!”

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Our Upcoming March Madness Rides


Alex Toussaint’s 45 Minute Tournament Turn Up Ride on Saturday, March 18th at 5:00 PM ET

Ally Love’s 45 Minute Bracket Madness Ride on Monday, March 20th at 10:30 AM ET

Alex Toussaint’s 45 Minute Tournament Turn Up Ride on Saturday, March 25th at 5:00 PM ET

Ally Love’s 45 Minute Bracket Madness Ride on Monday, March 27th at 10:30 AM ET

Jenn Sherman’s 45 Minute Basketball Pregame Ride on Sunday, April 2nd at 9:30 AM ET

Ally Love’s 45 Minute Bracket Madness Ride on Monday, April 3rd at 10:30 AM ET

Get ready to compete for the highest output between both of Alex’s Tournament Turn Up rides. We’ll be comparing the total output from his class on Saturday, March 18th to the total output from his class on Saturday, March 25th. Get ready for a showdown!

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Hannah Marie Corbin’s Q&A on Kidney Health Awareness

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What is your connection with kidney disease?

My rockstar mom has had a kidney disease all of my life. It wasn’t until recent years that it became worse and it wasn’t until this last year that we started looking for a kidney donor for a transplant.

Why is National Kidney Month so important to you?

Kidney disease prevention and the goals of most fitness/healthy lifestyle enthusiasts are so similar it blows my mind! Most of the things that promote healthy kidneys are the things that I preach on a daily basis: a low sodium diet teamed with an active lifestyle to prevent high blood pressure and diabetes…oh and my personal favorite, “wine is not water!”

Millions are affected by kidney disease but so many know so little about it. My goal is to help people become more aware of how to prevent kidney disease and bring an early awareness to people who may be affected by it.

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What’s the best way that people can keep their kidneys in good condition?

A lot of the things that help healthy kidneys are a lot of the things that I preach on a daily basis: hydration, a low sodium diet, and exercise to lower your chances of high blood pressure and diabetes.

I’m preaching to the choir here, the people who have joined our Peloton community are the people who are working to better themselves, their bodies, and pass the message of a healthy lifestyle on to their children.

The missing link between desires and results are not just the workouts you put yourself through but making conscious choices to treat your body like it belongs to someone you love.

In honor of National Kidney Month and World Kidney Day, I started a water challenge which is simple and achievable in the best of ways. If you haven’t already joined me this week, start it now and never stop. Everyday, strive to drink half of your body weight in ounces of H2O to maintain healthy hydration. I have delightful prizes all week including Nuun, Goldsheep and Peloton Boutique Swag, wellwell water, snazzy water bottles, Sodium Girl Cookbooks, and more! Find how you can enter here!

How can people donate to this cause? 

To donate to this cause, I’ve set up the Ride to Fight Kidney Disease campaign through the National Kidney Foundation where the funds raised go directly towards the National Kidney Foundation to promote awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease to millions of patients and their families and tens of millions of Americans at risk.

I’ll also be leading a ride with Peloton on Sunday, March 12th at 11:45 AM where Peloton is graciously donating the proceeds from the ride to the National Kidney Foundation.


Do you feel a sense of community from Peloton through this?

Without a doubt. I’ve had so many people reaching out to me sending love and prayers to my mom and family and reaching out to see if they could help in any way.

I was blown away when I found out that over 20 people actually filled out a form to donate never having met my mom. I’ve been able to be the support in so many incredible journeys on the bike but never thought I would be on the other side receiving so much love.

Ride along with HMC! Join her Kidney Awareness Ride this Sunday, March 12th at 11:45 AM EST.

Make sure to connect with Hannah over on her Official Peloton Facebook Page and follow the hashtags below for more info on National Kidney Month.

#NationalKidneyMonth #WorldKidneyDay #heartyourkidneys #HMC4H2O



Power Zone Rides: Everything You Need to Know


You’ve got the power. Now you can use it to ride your way to the top.

Power Zone Training, a popular training method used by elite cyclists, is a great tool to track your fitness and watch yourself improve over time. We’re excited to give you the full rundown on this beneficial method so you can get the best results possible in Matt Wilpers’ specialized Power Zone Rides.


Power Zone Rides are focused on achieving specific output levels at different times throughout a class in order to improve your performance. There are seven Power Zones, each zone representing a target output range. These output ranges are customized for each rider (which we will show you how to calculate for yourself below). During a Power Zone Ride, your instructor will cue a specific zone, which will direct you to hit the corresponding output range on your bike. By using these customized output zones as a guide, you will be able to see and feel yourself improve as each zone becomes easier to achieve over time.

Average Output (FTP)

To start using Power Zones, you will first need to identify your 20 minute average output. This number will allow you to calculate your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) and then customize your target output for each zone using that number. Here’s how to find your average output:

  1. First, we recommend you take Matt Wilpers’ “10-Min FTP Warm Up Ride” in order to prepare for your test ride, and to get more background on Power Zones. You can access this ride on your bike or on the app under “Specialized Ride Type.”
  2. Next, find your average output by completing Matt’s specially-designed “20-Min FTP Test Ride” on your Peloton bike. This ride can also be found under the “Specialized Ride Type” section. You got this!
  3. At the end of your ride, you can find your 20 minute average output displayed on your ride recap screen.


Power Zones

Now that you’ve identified your 20 minute average output, we need to do a little math to translate that number to your FTP, and then figure out your target output for each zone:

  1. First, subtract 5% from your 20 minute average output number. This result will be an accurate estimate of the average output you could hold for 60-minutes (i.e. your FTP). For example, if your average output is 115, find 5% (115 X 0.05 = 5.75), then subtract it from the total number (115 — 5.75 = 109.25). Round up or down to find your FTP.
  2. Now that you’ve found your FTP, you need to multiply this number by the percentage ranges of all seven Power Zones to identify your target outputs. For example, using our FTP of 109 from above, we can calculate Zone 1 by finding 55% of 109 (109 X 0.55 =60), then calculate Zone 2 ((56-75%) by multiplying each by 109 to arrive at 61-82. These numbers represent your customized target output ranges for each zone, and therefore, are the output ranges you will need to hit when each zone is cued.
  3. You can print the chart below and record your calculated target outputs, then display near your bike for visibility. Note: We highly recommend calculating each percentage and recording your target output numbers before you start a Power Zone Ride.


As you continue your Power Zone training, you will likely notice each zone’s output becoming easier to achieve. Feel free to re-take the 20-Min FTP Test Ride to see if your 20 minute average output has increased. If so, you can then use your new 20 minute average output to calculate your updated FTP, and apply that number to the percentage calculations for each zone above to update your target output ranges.

Now that you’re a Power Zone expert, it’s time to get started. Count yourself in for one of Matt’s live Power Zone Rides here or find some of his past rides in the “Specialized Ride Type” on-demand section of your bike and app.

Good luck with your training! We can’t wait to watch you power through.

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Booking is now open for The 2017 NYC Home Rider Invasion!

Booking is now open for our 2017 NYC Home Rider Invasion weekend! Check out this year’s schedule below and more information on how to officially book your spot.

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  3. Book your ride and workout of choice.

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Rider Story / Michael Savino


How were you first introduced to Peloton?

I was introduced to the Peloton community through one of the original TV commercials. Every time I saw the commercial all I could think was, “wow that is so awesome!”. I have taken a few cycling classes in the past and absolutely loved them although the problem that most people encounter is getting a spot (if you’re lucky to get out of work on time)! The ability to have live and on-demand classes in my home everyday was a huge selling point for me especially since I work very untraditional hours, take care of two kids, and support my wife who has recently become ill.

What’s your favorite part of the workout?

Working out has always been very important for me personally and a huge stress relief. My favorite part of the Peloton workout is a combination of the physical effort, connecting with my new friends on the leaderboard, and then after the workout, seeing how the Official Peloton Rider Page comes to life as riders cheer each other on. Having a place to be able to rely on for support and to keep you accountable for hitting your goals is an amazing feeling.

How has the Peloton community supported you?

Over the past few years my family has lost our home in a flood, multiple family members due to cancer, job losses and on top of that, my wife has faced some major medical conditions. I’m very open about the struggles my family has endured because I hope by talking about it that I will help others facing the same challenges. I want to help them realize that there’s always hope and good people in this world who will go out of there way to help complete strangers.

My wife has been dealing with her main issue, EDS (Ehlers Danlo Syndrome). This genetic issue has also led to her having CSF leaks (cerebral spinal fluid leaks), which causes a number of mental issues ranging from memory loss, passing out, confusion, and extreme exhaustion. For most people, one medical issue would be enough, but this disorder has also led to her getting semicircular canal dehiscence and an autonomic blood flow disorder called POTS. With her treatment plan in place, she is progressing although due to all of these complications, she’s now been out of work and disabled for two years.


Honestly every day is a struggle for my wife but she is one of the strongest people I know and I am so proud to be her husband. The issues we have gone through as a family has created a lot of stress; that’s where the Peloton bike has made it’s mark. I have always been into cycling my entire life but unfortunately the past couple of years life got in the way. When I saw the first commercial for Peloton, I fell in love with the idea of it right away. I thought it was genius and with everything going on, I needed an outlet! I quickly purchased one in November, and started my journey but little did I know how much this bike would change our lives.


Two days after Christmas this year we received a letter from the disability insurance company that they were dropping my wife’s disability benefits. It was a huge shock to us. I quickly went into survival mode and tried to figure out how we were going to be able to take care of all of the bills, put food on the table, provide for our children, while trying to pay for my wife’s medical treatments only on my salary. This is where the power of the Peloton community changed our lives and gave us an amazing amount of hope.

I put a quick post together on the Official Peloton Rider Page briefly mentioning that I was looking to sell my bike to help pay for some of my wife’s medical bills. Within 15 minutes, an extremely kind woman reached out and offered to pay for my membership fee for a month to help out so I could keep the bike. I kindly declined, thinking how nice people were in response to my post but little did I know what was going to happen over night.

I woke up to around 400 messages, not from people wanting to buy the bike, but messages from complete strangers wanting to help my family. I started speaking with two of the women and they wanted to setup a page to help my wife with her medical bills. Over the next 48 hours, donations for my wife came in from the community totaling $25,000. On top of this, the instructors at Peloton held classes to show support for my wife and our family, and Peloton’s entire company reached out to contribute as well.


The generosity of everyone has allowed us to continue medical treatments and therapy for my wife. I am a 33 year old guy that was sobbing when this happened. I could not believe that a group of people, that didn’t know me or my family, would come together in a way like they did. The Peloton community has changed our lives in ways I cannot truly express in words. You have given us hope, shown us love and inspired us to keep going. Thank you Peloton-ians; you are all considered family to us now.

Ready for more inspiration? Find our complete list of Rider Stories here.