New Feature: Heart Rate Zones — A How To Guide


Our exciting new Heart Rate Zones feature allows you to heart rate train in every ride. By connecting a heart rate monitor to your bike, you’ll now be able to adjust your effort, maximize each ride and achieve specific goals by viewing your current heart rate zone on the touchscreen.

So, what exactly is heart rate training? It’s a tool — one that can make your workouts more effective and precise. Your heart rate is measured in beats per minute (BPM) through the sensors of a heart rate monitor that is strapped to your chest. The feedback from the monitor is then displayed on your touchscreen, so you can monitor your heart rate and increase or decrease your effort based on your goal.

Heart Rate Zones

For our Heart Rate Training feature, we are using the Heart Rate Zone methodology. This consists of five different zones, each reflecting a different level of effort and offering a specific benefit. The percentages of each zone are based on your maximum heart rate (MHR).


Your heart rate and current zone will be displayed in real-time on the touchscreen – so you will be able to track your effort level as you move within zones.

How to Get Started:

Start by connecting your heart rate monitor to the bike. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one here. If you do have a monitor, any ANT+ heart rate monitor will sync with your Peloton bike.

By default, your max heart rate is automatically calculated using the Karvonen formula (220 – your age) — with your age being pulled from the age you entered in your profile. If you have not entered your age, or need to adjust, you can do so in your profile settings on the bike.

Note: Your default max heart rate may not be perfectly accurate, since it will not incorporate factors like individual fitness level. As you begin your heart rate training, you may find that the levels are too easy or too difficult, and may need to adjust accordingly. To set a custom MHR, go to your Account Settings on the bike via the Menu on the bottom left corner of your touchscreen. You will see a field called Max Heart Rate, which will allow you to use either use the default calculation or enter your own custom MHR. Additionally, your MHR percentage will display on your screen as another metric that you can track during your ride. 

Once you’ve connected your heart rate monitor and established your MHR, you can start your training by taking our brand new beginner heart rate training workout series featuring Jennifer Jacobs and Christine D’Ercole. This series is designed to get you familiar with heart rate zones and enhance each ride for optimal goal achievement. 

Ready to start training? Jennifer Jacobs and Christine’s beginner heart rate training series can be found in the on-demand library on the bike under the “Specialized” ride type. Get ready for these brand-new live heart rate training classes to start on Monday, November 21st. Put your heart in every ride and get better results with every beat! 


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