Robin Arzon’s 7 tips for committing to your workout

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1. Get fly gear.

2. Put it on while listening to ______ (Beyonce, duh).

3. Think about the possible regret you’ll feel for skipping versus the mad endorphin high.

4. Get out the door and do 10 minutes. Once you’ve started, you will finish.

5. Keep your music fresh. My book SHUT UP & RUN has playlist recommendations. I also listen to the Rich Roll’s Podcast during tough runs.

6. Surround yourself with inspiration. “Do epic shit” is written on a post-it on my bathroom mirror AND the title on my alarm alerts. Write your story.

7. Remember why you started. Identify the “why” and the “how” will follow.

And some days, you really just need to rest and watch Love Actually. That’s cool. But that’s not every day, baby. Choose wisely.

*This excerpt was taken from Robin’s book, SHUT UP AND RUN.