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The Ultimate Guide to Peloton Ride Types

Whether you’re gearing up for your first ride or just want to try something new, learn more about our ride types below.

*By working within specific zones you can be sure that you are working at the right intensity to achieve specific results. Head here for more information.

These classes taught by our Peloton instructors complement your experience on the bike. Join the instructors for arms, stretches, core, cardio, strength, toning & yoga.

Good for: all riders looking to round out their workout routine. 

Take a peaceful ride through beautiful landscapes and cities with scenic rides.

Good for: those looking to go at their own pace.

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How to use your explicit language settings

You can now update your bike settings to reflect your preferences for hearing explicit language during your workout.

To control this experience, start by accessing your “Content Preferences” through your Account Settings on the bike. This allows you to hide classes that may contain explicit language from appearing in your list of on-demand classes.

To use this setting:

  1. Click on your username in the bottom left-side of the user menu
  2. Click on “My Account”
  3. Click on “Preferences”
  4. Check the box to the right of “Hide classes that may contain explicit language”

Note that these settings will only affect the on-demand library.

If at any point you would like to switch these preferences, you can also find an option at the top of your library to edit your settings.

If you have any questions or are having issues that need immediate assistance, please reach out to our Support team by submitting a ticket here.


Get to know Peloton’s Newest Instructors: Denis Morton and Emma Lovewell!

Where did you grow up and how did you get into fitness?

Emma: I grew up on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. I think that being from a small island you have to be very active because there are not enough kids in the town to only do one activity. There was the band, theater, chorus, sports, dance and I did all of them! In college, I studied Chinese and Communications, but I was also taking a lot of dance classes. At one point, I took an internship in NYC where I worked at a theater in the marketing department. I then worked and rehearsed with an all female hip hop dance company in Brooklyn. I went on a couple dance auditions that I ended up booking and realized, “Wait, I could do this professionally? This is amazing!”, so I graduated and moved to NYC to be a professional dancer. Over the years, dance and fitness starting merging for me. I started teaching dance at a gym, and then through that I found indoor cycling and just loved it because to me it reminded me of dance, but on a bike!

Denis: I grew up in central Florida where I was a beach kid. Some of my first memories are body surfing on my dad’s back with my arms wrapped around his neck. I never pursued fitness, I just always wanted to be able to move! We didn’t have television or electricity after sundown. We had to be outside so I was always climbing trees and playing sports and games with my brother. When I was 22, yoga gave me something that was so challenging and fun that I wanted to be better at it. I worked hard and did yoga every day for 16 months. Yoga led me down the road to cycling and by that point I was already committed to athleticism and looking for creative outlets. I think Peloton is a really good platform for reclaiming athleticism. You know, we grow up and we climb trees and we row boats and we run in circles in all these organized sports and then gradually as we start to emphasize school, work, responsibility and family we de-emphasize physical activity. I like to think that every day is another opportunity to reclaim your athleticism and I’m so excited to connect with so many members on that.

What do you love most about teaching?

Emma: I like connecting with people and seeing their transformations. I love to see them change physically and mentally and just being able to be a part of that is inspiring to me!

Denis: What I like most is the unexpected feedback that I get. Even after doing it for over thirteen years, I’ve heard a lot from people about how it changed their life, their day, or that it made them see themselves in a different way.

Why are you most excited to join the Peloton team?

Emma: The Peloton community is already so big, and it’s something I have seen grow exponentially for the past few years. It’s so exciting to be a part of a community that’s already thriving! It’s also exciting to be at the forefront of something so innovative. I love hearing about people creating new things that help more people. This is one of those things that has never really been done before so to be a part of it is awesome.

Denis: I’ve been able to reach 50 people at a time for years. Peloton gives me the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands instead!

What can riders expect in your class?

Emma: I love playing music that makes me want to dance and that motivates me! If I am going to ask you for a very big push then I am going to give you very intense music. I like my class to be a sensory experience through the music, lights, and the energy. I like everything to blend together, so you get a “journey” to explore. However long the class is, there is definitely a beginning, middle and end that we all experience together.

Denis: I want riders to be physically challenged and I like to think that they’re going to have themselves pushed to that focal point where everything else has to fall away.

Are you excited about getting to coach people from all across the country?

Emma: I think from living in a few different places I’ve learned that fitness is a universal language but it’s also very different for everybody. Everyone is going through their own journey and I think it’s so exciting to be able to reach a wide net of people but yet still be cognizant of their own personal fitness journeys.

Denis: Super excited! To be able to reach so many more people and have those connections and change so many people’s lives is just so thrilling and really humbling.

Who are your heroes?

Emma: My mom! She is originally from Taiwan and she moved to NYC when she was 19 years old. She entered a new culture, a new country, and a new language. She came here and was in business school and then she realized that her true passion was painting and art. Her entire family was angry at her for pursuing art but she still went for it. She started her own gardening business in her 50’s and she is constantly innovating herself and not constrained by social boundaries. She’s the rebel and I am so happy because of that she encourages me to pursue whatever I want. She’s never told me I can’t do anything! More recently she was diagnosed with cancer and that has been a whole new challenge where I have watched her totally conquer it. She has been doing awesome – she’s still gardening and she’s still up and about. Watching her overcome that is pretty impressive; she’s 65 and she keeps going.

Denis: My dad!

What’s your favorite music to work out to?

Emma: My taste in music depends on my mood and what I am doing. There is a definite difference between music that I like to work out to and music that I like to relax to. My workout music is definitely more EDM, rock and hip hop.

Denis: Tupac, Rage Against the Machine and Rihanna.

What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

Emma: I drive a motorcycle!

Denis: Probably that I live in my head so much!

What are your favorite motivational techniques you use while coaching?

Emma: There is definitely a psychology behind motivating somebody. My biggest inspiration, however, is how I am feeling. When I am coaching myself is when I give coaching. I think, “so what is going to get me going”? What motivates me is something deeper. It’s not just like, “sweat out the margarita”; that doesn’t do it for me. I like to approach things more like, “think about this push or this hill as the biggest obstacle in your life. Are you somebody who gets deterred during difficult times or do you take them on?”. I like to think of it as manipulating your mind into realizing your strengths and realizing that you’re stronger than you probably give yourself credit for.

Denis: I just remind people that you know your comfort zone. You can either stay there or rise; your potential is yours!

How do you motivate yourself?

Emma: I am not going to lie, there are days when I am feeling tired or fatigued either emotionally or physically. But I think about how there are people counting on me to be there so when I think about that, that is my motivation! You know we are not supposed to be alone, I think we are supposed to have connections with people for that reason, we inspire each other and we motivate each other to show up.

Denis: I think of how a lot of people would love to have this day or simply the ability to just move! I mean it really is like it sounds: so basic and simple. Take advantage of what you’re working with in the current moment and set out to accomplish!

What is your pro tip?

Emma: I try to write every morning. I will write for three pages whether it’s, “my dream last night was totally crazy” or, “I don’t know what to say but…”. You end up just vomiting out these thoughts so it clears your head a little and then you get them all out of the way instead of holding onto garbage in your mind.

Denis: Very simple: make sure you take some time for yourself every day!

Get ready to sweat it out with Emma & Denis! Stay up to date on our social channels for more details on their debut rides on the bike.



Introducing our Brand-New 5-Minute Intro Rides

 Get ready to explore all of these brand-new intro rides. You can now find the below lineup under the “Beginner” filter on your bike or the Peloton app.
5-minute Intro to HIIT
5-minute Intro to Tabata
5-minute Intro to Climbs
5-minute Intro to Heart Rate Zones
5-minute Intro to Power Zones
If you’re still getting used to the Peloton experience, we suggest trying out these intro classes below:
5-minute Intro to Peloton Part 1
5-minute Intro to Peloton Part 2
5-minute Intro to the Peloton App
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Connect with your Local Peloton Showroom Community!

Are you looking to connect with your local Peloton community? Check out our showroom Facebook pages to stay up to date on upcoming events and exciting community announcements!


Peloton – Corte Madera 

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Peloton – Atlanta 


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Peloton – Boston 


Peloton – Detroit 

New Jersey: 

Peloton – Paramus

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New York: 

Peloton – Manhasset 

Peloton – New York City 

Peloton – Westchester 


Peloton – Philadelphia 


Peloton – Austin 

Peloton – Dallas

Peloton – Houston


Peloton – Seattle 

Washington, D.C.: 

Peloton – Washington D.C. 

Interested in visiting our showrooms? Find the complete list here!


Find fresh ways to move with our brand-new Beyond the Ride workouts

Move in new ways with our latest Beyond the Ride workouts now available in our on-demand library or on the Peloton app. This lineup includes exercises to tone, strengthen, and stretch for a full-body win.

Jennifer Jacobs’ 5-minute Toning

Matt Wilpers’ 5-minute Mountain Climbers

Jess King’s 10-minute Hip & Lower Back Stretch

Cody Rigsby’s 10-minute Arms

Hannah Marie Corbin’s 5-minute Abs & Arms

Check out these new sessions on the Peloton app for the best experience, or access them on your Peloton bike.

Have you been working hard? Show us on social with the tag #beyondtheride.


Find your favorite classes faster with new changes to the on-demand library

Break a sweat faster with easier ways to access your favorite workouts. With new changes to our on-demand library, you can now seamlessly navigate between cycling and Beyond the Ride workouts to discover the one you want to conquer. Want to hit the open road? Find all of our scenic rides on the bottom right-hand side of your screen. Note that all of the previous “Specialized” workouts now have their own specific ride types found under the “Class Type” filter.

For more details, take a look below at our full list of ride types and Beyond the Ride workouts to choose from:

Class Types

Beginner, Climb, Heart Rate Zone, Intervals, Live DJ, Low Impact, Metrics, Power Zone, Pro Cyclist, Rhythm, Theme

Beyond the Ride

Cardio, Strength, Stretch, Yoga, Toning

Ready to go? Check out these new features to your bike in our on-demand library!

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Behind the making of Peloton’s “Hello. Let’s Go.” commercial with Director Wally Pfister

What was the main message behind this new spot for Peloton?

We knew that what makes Peloton unique is the connectivity around it. That was really an important factor that I wanted to make sure we got across, so we used match-cutting from one person to another to try to make that clear. We wanted to show that each person was in a different part of the country and not only are they getting a great workout, but they’re also being guided by one instructor who is keeping the whole class completely connected.

What was your favorite part of the process for putting this project together?

The shoot was a lot of fun! It was two days and we worked very hard to come up with the right locations and the right cast so, by the time we got to the shoot day, it was really a hoot! It’s a very lively style in which I shot the commercial and both Peloton and Mekanism were really on board with that. The whole team really enjoyed themselves and I certainly enjoyed myself too.

What was the most exciting part about directing the vision for this?

I think the most exciting part was the drive that was brought to it by the Ramones song. It’s an iconic punk rock song and I thought it was very bold to use it in this spot. It’s really a revolutionary song in a lot of ways. It came out in 1976 and it really was a slamming, “go-out-and-get-em”, type of song which is similar to the feeling that you can associate with Peloton; the “hey, ho, let’s go,” “let’s just get out there and do it,” feeling. That really drove me and gave me exciting ideas as far as what to do with the camera. It created the foundation for the energy in which I shot the film.

How did your background, working on films such as Inception and The Dark Knight Rises influence the direction for a fitness piece with Peloton?

I come to the set with a certain set of tools and skills that I acquired over the years by doing these films, and that’s the standard that I apply to everything I do. If you look at the evening lighting in some of the scenes in the new spot, it’s exactly how I would’ve lit a set if I was shooting Leonardo Dicaprio or Christian Bale. This piece for Peloton is very high-energy and I shot it similar to how we shot a lot of fight scenes and action scenes in the Batman films. There was a lot of handheld camera work in those films that had the same spirit to the way we shot a lot of the Peloton material.

How would you describe the energy for this piece?

Intense! Intense in a good way. I think the song really gave it an incredible groove and the enthusiasm was seen on our actors. Ultimately it will become a very effective piece that will make people really excited to try out the Peloton bike when they feel the energy from the spot.

How do you want people to feel after watching this piece?

I think the goal is for people to understand the concept of the connectivity. I think it’s unique that you can be connected to 1,000 people at the same time by taking one class. Also, I really want the audience to feel this vibrant energy that comes along with the exercise that you’re doing. I would love if viewers had a smile on their face and kind of go, “Whoa, that was a trip!”

Why were you interested in working on this piece for Peloton?

I was really interested in the product because I really love high-energy material and I’ve done quite a bit of work with sports, and I really enjoy how that cuts together. It ended up feeling more like I was making an interesting spot instead of a job for me. The final element is, I’m very much into music and having heard that song when it came out 41 years ago and being a long-time fan of the Ramones, it made me confident that we could create a pretty cool piece of work.

Learn more about Wally Pfister’s collection of work here


Our Upcoming Pride Rides

Robin Arzon’s 45-minute Pride Ride on Monday, June 5th at 5:30 PM ET

Matt Wilpers’ 45-minute Pride Ride on Wednesday, June 14th at 4:30 PM ET

Christine D’Ercole’s 45-minute Pride Ride on Thursday, June 15th at 8:30 PM ET

Cody Rigsby’s 45-minute Pride Ride on Friday, June 16th at 7:00 PM ET

Jennifer Jacobs’ 45-minute Pride Ride on Wednesday, June 21 at 7:00 AM ET

Jess King’s 45-minute Pride Ride on Thursday, June 22nd at 4:30 PM ET

Cody Rigsby’s 45-minute Pride Live DJ Ride on Friday, June 23rd at 7:00 PM ET
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