Putting members first within the design of our heart rate feature


We sat down with members of our product and engineering teams, Dave, Benoit, and Minxin to talk more about why it was important to design our latest heart rate feature with a user-centered mindset.

Why was this feature so important to put into motion?

Dave: As we’ve grown, we’ve observed an increase in the percentage of users who take workouts with heart rate monitors. It offers a very individualized metric, that is catered to their fitness level. While output is a core metric in the Peloton experience (and helps connect riders on the leaderboard), heart rate zone training is a great way for users to tailor their training to themselves.

Benoit: We’re not just streaming cycling classes but building experiences around them. When our instructors teach new techniques that become popular, we think it’s important to build them into our application so they become part of the experience! In a lot of ways, it’s what makes Peloton so special.

We know that this feature was a major request from riders. Is there extra excitement around creating a feature that’s highly anticipated by the community?

Minxin: Absolutely! We knew that the user experience would be elevated by heart rate zone training, and being able to develop the feature based on user feedback is inspiring!

Benoit: Every feature we build or change we really do with our users in mind but there’s always an extra bit of excitement when it’s something they’ve been waiting for! 

Dave: I personally enjoy following along with user feedback after the launch (either through the Facebook rider page or from our support team,) to see how our riders are using the feature. There is a lot to learn based on initial excitement, and it helps to further improve the feature down the line.


How was this feature built with our members in mind?

Dave: This feature was a direct response to feedback from our users, and the traction that our heart rate zone training classes had. During the design and development process, we tested a number of different prototypes on users and people around the office, in the end settling on the simple solution that is now available.

Minxin: To keep the user experience in mind, we considered two aspects: the default framework that provides the user with guidance and the other is the customized framework where the user can achieve their desired heart rate zone training experience.

What was the collaboration process like for this feature?

Benoit: There is a lot of information we want to show our users when they’re taking a class and even with our amazing display, it’s hard to add new things without it starting to look like a dashboard. During this process, we worked very closely with the design team to make sure we show the information users want to see without cluttering the user interface.

Dave: At Peloton, we believe that ideas and feedback can come from all directions and departments. In this particular project, we worked closely with instructors to understand the philosophy of heart rate training, designers to figure out how to add it to the interface, and developers on the best way to execute.

How can riders anticipate this feature evolving over time?

Dave: Overall, heart rate zones is still a fairly basic feature. We stuck to the simple route so that we could deliver this without a complete overhaul of our in-class screen. Over time we think the heart rate feature will become deeply embedded into the experience, specifically as it relates to a user’s workout history. I also think there are opportunities to improve the display of heart rate zones in class, to help users better measure their rate of recovery and their overall heart rate stats for a specific class.

Learn more on our heart rate zone feature here



Copy of AR5A1623_1_RT (1)What was the overall inspiration behind your collection?

I have been in athletics most of my life so I’ve learned to love gear that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also highly functional. The Rhone training pant is an excellent piece that looks and feels great. The bib short is an absolute must for any cyclist and Hincapie Sportswear makes a great version! Finally, the tech shirt is not only fun, but it is an great shirt to break a sweat in.

What was your favorite part throughout the design process?

I loved trying on all the samples and learning about how the clothing design process works. It was fun to see what’s currently offered in the market and how it all comes together!


Can you tell us a little bit behind each piece of the collection?

I wanted a sleek-looking pant that I could run and/or warm-up in and that dries quickly. Resistance to rain and wind was also important so that they could withstand all elements during a workout!

Normal cycling shorts have a tendency to sag during a ride. Bib shorts are much more comfortable, especially for longer rides as they prevent any chance for your outfit to become uncomfortable. I decided to add the “MW” logo to include a personal stamp.

I love a good shirt to workout in and the term “wilpered,” was created by a home rider. Not only is this shirt great to move in but it has a touch of the Peloton community integrated into it. The best of both worlds!


How do you want people to feel when they wear it?

Since I always encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, I want someone to feel that the clothing supports their active endeavors and looks and feels professional.


What’s your favorite part about this collection?

Tough question! I would have to say that my favorite part of the collection is the shirt because it’s such a functional piece and it speaks to the strength of the Peloton community!

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Jennifer Jacobs’ Top Tips to Get Up & Go


I’m not a morning person. As much as I would love to sleep the day away, 6:00 AM classes don’t allow for such a routine. To ensure that I am up and full of energy, below are some of the ways that I set myself up for a successful day ahead.

The Alarm Game 

Morning Rituals

  • The first thing I do when I get up is head to my freezer and grab a mask to wake up my eyes! At the same time, I prepare a hot tea: lavender & honey is my favorite!
  • While the water is boiling and my eye mask is on, I roll out my upper back, lats and also my calves with a foam roller to prep my muscles for class. It’s also the perfect opportunity to visualize the rest of the day ahead.
  • Finally, I get geared up to go. I lay out my clothes the night before which cuts down on time and has me ready to walk out the door and to the studio with little delay.

It’s All About the Beats

  • Music fuels me! I listen to my favorite playlist on my way to the studio and while I get ready for my ride. At the same time, I fuel up on a banana which is the most portable source of energy!

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Cody Rigsby’s Introduction to Meditation

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Why meditation?  

I use meditation to press pause and give my mind and body time to settle. It creates a space for me to exist without all the constant chatter and thinking that goes on in my head. Taking the time to be present allows you to realize what ideas and thoughts have value and which ones aren’t worth investing time into. It’s our body’s natural defense to be anxious, it is something that is instilled in our fight-or-flight response. Meditation allows us to evolve beyond that and have peace within the current moment.

Strengthening Your Thoughts

A misconception of meditation is that you are supposed to not think or experience emotion; it’s actually the opposite. Focusing on your breathing brings you into the present moment. This focus allows for there to be space in between your thoughts and gives you the ability to realize if they are worth your time or not. It also allows evaluating before reacting. Meditation is like a workout for your mind and the space in between thoughts is the muscle you are trying to grow. The more space you have there, the more clarity you have with your decisions, reactions, and feelings.

Tips for beginners

  • Start small – Dedicate 5-10 minutes a day to meditation. See how it goes and when you’re ready for more, start to add on!
  • Dedicate a space – Try to use the same space every day to meditate. Let this space be inviting and include things that make you feel calm: pillows, candles, scents. Even if it is just a corner of your house, let it be your corner.
  • Stay consistent – Sometimes it takes us a while to get comfortable with something. There is no way to do this right. Give yourself room to fail and succeed.


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Jenn Sherman’s 5 new ways to refresh your workout for spring

1A2C99891.) Start small

Setting small, attainable goals is a great way to challenge yourself on the bike. Setting large, unattainable goals could leave you feeling defeated and frustrated. Start small and go from there! For example, if your instructor is calling out 50 resistance for 1 minute, try taking it to 55 to kick it up a notch. Don’t worry about others around you on the leaderboard. Just do you and be proud of your small successes that will lead to even greater ones!

 2.) Show someone new on the leaderboard some support

The Peloton community is a supportive and inclusive family. Reach out to a new home rider by inviting them to ride with you sometime soon. They will feel welcomed and you will have a new riding partner to share the experience with!

3.) Set an attainable nutritional goal

Set a new nutritional goal. For me, drinking more water is a must. I’ve recently eliminated sugar or anything processed from my diet and I’ve never felt better!

4.) Show off your favorite gear 

There’s nothing like a cool new pair of “magic pants” or a fresh new top from the Peloton boutique to get you feeling like a million bucks on the bike. Spruce up your workout wardrobe for spring by treating yourself to a few new special pieces to sweat it out in. It feels great to look like a badass on the bike, even if no one can see you!

5.) Be proud of your accomplishments 

I always say, be proud of all that you have accomplished on this bike. Whether it’s your 10th ride or your 500th, every pedal stroke counts! Pedal your way through spring feeling stronger and healthier as we head into summer!

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Robin Arzon’s 7 tips for committing to your workout

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1. Get fly gear.

2. Put it on while listening to ______ (Beyonce, duh).

3. Think about the possible regret you’ll feel for skipping versus the mad endorphin high.

4. Get out the door and do 10 minutes. Once you’ve started, you will finish.

5. Keep your music fresh. My book SHUT UP & RUN has playlist recommendations. I also listen to the Rich Roll’s Podcast during tough runs.

6. Surround yourself with inspiration. “Do epic shit” is written on a post-it on my bathroom mirror AND the title on my alarm alerts. Write your story.

7. Remember why you started. Identify the “why” and the “how” will follow.

And some days, you really just need to rest and watch Love Actually. That’s cool. But that’s not every day, baby. Choose wisely.

*This excerpt was taken from Robin’s book, SHUT UP AND RUN.


Behind the Inspiration for CHRISTINE D’ERCOLE’S Peloton Boutique COLLECTION


What inspired this collection?

This collection was inspired by embracing your build since we spend way too much time trying to hide parts of our bodies. I grew up wanting to be a ballerina, surrounded by delicate pink things for which I always felt too sturdy or “thick”. I came to a point when I could no longer allow myself to be defined by the size of my thighs and I discovered that bike racing empowered me to embrace my body; winning races inspired pride where there was once shame. By celebrating instead of hiding our thighs, by defying the “rules” that imply we should, as women, be smaller and take up less space, we find our true place in the world. We are all so much bigger than fitting into a smaller pair of pants. We are our words, our dreams, our actions. This is what makes up the true matter of our mass in the world!

When I discovered the K.Deer leggings, I immediately fancied the uber hot pink horizontal stripes on the thighs! They seemed to sing in defiance of everything we have been taught about not accentuating the size of our thighs. The pink in particular spoke to me as a reclamation of our prescribed femininity, harkening back to my Ballerina Thighs blog.


What was the process behind putting it together? 

The process involved sketches, design ideas and conversations with different companies about the many different options for printing, ink or sublimation and what would work best on what fabric. I wanted to find a t-shirt that I was comfortable to wear and one that I thought riders would also enjoy wearing as well! I went with a flexible style that can be worn a variety of ways: either tied loosely, snug or worn in a draping kind of style. Finally, we went with a black bra to complement the leggings which includes the title of the collection on the back.


What was your favorite part? 

Seeing my mantra “I AM, I CAN, I WILL, I DO” in hot pink was just so delightful and gave me a whole slew of new ideas for future lines! Working with Jill, who has a really genuine and authentic sense of “everything is possible” was an awesome experience. When two people are philosophically aligned, great things happen!


How do you want riders to feel in your pieces? 

I want riders to feel brave in their hot pink pants, screaming, “I embrace my build. I am brave, I can be loud, I will use my words, I do hot pink striped thighs!”

 If you could describe your collection using three words, what would they be?

Bold, brave and built!


Ally Love’s Road to finding fitness


The Backstory

At 9 years I was hit by a car. Life wasn’t always fast pace for me and this was the moment that it all slowed down a lot. As a little girl I would always sneak out of our complex building in Miami and go knock on neighbors’ doors to ask for candy and it wasn’t even Halloween! My mom had a hard time keeping me inside. It wasn’t that I was a very active adolescent it was that I had a deep urge to go places on my own.

One day, while at a family BBQ on my way to an ice cream truck, a car drove out really fast and struck my nine year old body so hard that I flew in the air, landed on the hood of the car and rolled into the grass. I woke up to in the ambulance with an oxygen mask on; that week in the hospital will never be forgotten. I laid in the hospital bed for 7 days with a weight tied to my left leg, keeping my broken femur from healing incorrectly because the hospital didn’t have a plate with screws that could fit such a young girl.

The accident left me with cracked teeth, practically no skin on my upper body and face and a broken femur to which the doctors said I wouldn’t walk for a very long time and the thought of playing sports was out of the picture. However, just as much as I loved being on the go, I loved the thought of being even more determined to prove them wrong.

Finding Fitness

I grew up to be a dancer and was accepted in the Alvin Ailey School where I received my Bachelor in Fine Arts and minor in theology. I worked with companies my senior year like Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet in San Francisco, Complexions in New York and Le Grande Ballet in Canada. Dancing led me to perform with Beyonce, PItbull, Wyclef and to land a spot as a Knicks City Dancer for the New York Knicks Basketball team. Eventually I found running and hot yoga and that’s where it all began. I started to pursue other ways to stay healthy and in shape. The clients that I model for are very sports-centric which got me interested to explore even more workouts in the city.

I fell in love with several amazing fitness studios in the city and started running half marathons, and then eventually through my new found fitness lifestyle, I created a platform called the Love Squad to uplift and empower those who are trying to get a workout in, just like me.

Experiencing Fitness

I knew how difficult it was, and is, to juggle life and fitness. Love Squad is a movement that provides information but most importantly provides encouragement to find your inner athlete so you don’t have to separate the two. Fitness and sports is a lifestyle and can be a part of any lifestyle.

It’s the strong will and resilient approach to re-creating yourself everyday through sweat that makes us creators, athletes, and tastemakers. Sports and fitness is just a vessel to which you gather the tools to build the unique life you want, creatively and completely. I approach riding in class like I approach projects within any of my other careers. I want to curate an experience that is unlike anything anyone has ever felt and truly believing that life is better with sweat creates room to do that.

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Our Beyond The Ride Yoga Launch Event Recap

Since the launch of our Beyond The Ride Yoga collection, riders have been finding the flow between cycling and stretching in Colleen Saidman Yee’s yoga workouts on our iOS app. We loved celebrating this new collaboration at home in our NYC studio – Take a look below at how we kicked off this partnership with our community.











Jen Carter of Zen Jen Yoga posing with Colleen


Loved having Claire Fountain join us for our in-house yoga session 

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