The Peloton Community’s Reasons for Why They #RideProud

In honor of Pride month, check out our collection of the Peloton Community’s reasons for why they #RideProud.

“I’m proud to be part of a community that accepts everyone no matter what!”

– Stephanie C. / #BeeBetter

We share common goals that we can all rally around and support. The wonderful instructors bring this community together in each ride to #BuildABetterYou.”

– Rick C. / #Rabbit2

Because there is no room for hate on a Peloton bike.”

– Karin R. / #geekygirl

It makes me proud to be able to own this bike but even more proud to own accountability for my health and for my sons who look up to me!”

– Teresa G. / #teresagonzalez

Teaching my children, by example, that taking care of yourself through exercise is the best way to take care of all around you.”

– Jessica S. / #PeloThis

It makes me proud to be a part of a community that is so supportive, fun, and awesome!”

– Stephanie R. / #NICU_RN

“Because I finish what I started.”

– Stephanie J. / #LetLoveRule

I ride proudly because I can! Never basic, never average, always beast mode! Challenge causes change!

– Cynthia G. / #SyncerelySyn

At 47 I’m proud to be a part of the Peloton tribe, where I push myself beyond my limits. Age is just a number; I kick butt daily on my bike!”

– Yolanda V. / #yolandav4

I’m proud that I keep getting on the bike whether I’m having a good day or bad day, whether I’m feeling happy or have low energy, whether I just had a great ride or a terrible one. I just keep moving forward one pedal stroke at a time!”

– Melinda G. / #Melipel

I’m proud that even though I’m not the youngest on the leaderboard, I still make it towards the top. It makes me feel strong!”

– Lisa C. / #Lisa_C_in_KC

“Every time I get on the Peloton bike, I’m proud of myself for the good rides and the not so good rides; because I feel better regardless!”

-Jo May S. / #JoMontana

“I’m proud to embrace the diverse ride set, both the rigorous and smoother ones, throughout my journey of improving my health and fitness lifestyle, discovering how much raw potential I have. Breaking the glass ceiling of my limits, all while belonging to a community dedicated to bringing their truest self into each and every ride.”

-Dave. B / #thatguybrady

“Proud to be myself after years of society and parents and bosses telling me how I should dress, what games I couldn’t play, what clubs I couldn’t be a part of.”

-Melanie L. / #MelOnWheels

“I’m proud to be a business coach who practices maintaining good habits. My wife is a rockstar and bought me this machine two months ago and it has changed my momentum, stress level and I am pumped to get on it every day!”

-Sherry S. / #growgirl

“I’m proud to be a stay at home mom who gets the kiddo into the fitness mix! Peloton gives me an opportunity to stay motivated and spend time with my son! He cheers me on and dances to the music as I ride.”

-Nichole K. / #kschykerynec

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To get to know our Denver group a little more, take a look below at their go-to instructors, why they love working on the team and how they want riders to feel when they clip into their journey with Peloton.


What do you love most about working on the team? The energy and enthusiasm that this team brings to the showroom every day!  There is a passion for the product and to help customers that enter our showroom without fail. Additionally, we are operating as a cohesive unit with everyone willing to help out no matter what the task!

Who’s your favorite instructor and why? Ally Love.  She has a gentle fearless nature which I admire!

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want them to feel empowered as they begin their journey with Peloton.  I want them to feel armed with knowledge of the bike and our services, but to never feel that they are alone if they need additional help.  I want them to know they can count on us in all aspects of the purchase, including afterwards, so that they use our product on a daily basis.


What do you love most about working on the team? I like educating people about fitness and talking to riders about the Peloton culture. My teammates are super fun as well.

Who’s your favorite instructor and why? I love Robin and Cody.  There is nothing better to me then getting a hard workout and being completely entertained the whole entire time.
Their DJ rides are hands down my favorite.

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want new riders to feel inspired, motivated, and excited about their new purchase and fitness journey.  If you believe it – you can achieve it.  Peloton helps people strive to be their very own best version of themselves.


What do you love most about working on the team? By far it’s the friendly competition! We are always discussing our latest rides, personal records, and fitness goals. At Peloton we stay in a constant state of learning, growth, and striving to be the best version of ourselves. My team is constantly helping me grow to be the best manager, coach, and to hit new highs in my fitness!

Who’s your favorite instructor? My very first ride was a live DJ ride with Jess King, and I was hooked on DJ John Michael’s grooves and witty comebacks right away! After that, I took Christine and I was blown away at how focused of a workout it was. I always PR with Christine and she helps me break through by mental blocks regarding my fitness.  Although I love all of our instructors, my favorite by far are Alex and Robin! I love Robin’s motivation style. She always seems to know right when I’m about to dial down on my resistance or cadence and always has a “swag” filled one-liner, a rally cry, or the infamous “don’t be basic” quote, to keep me pushing hard. Alex has the BEST playlists by far. He is the coach that inspires you by keeping pace with you during the hardest intervals and always finishes the race with you!

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I always want a new home rider to feel a sense of a new beginning, like they are about to embark on a new journey. Whether that means less time commuting to the gym or a class, and more time focused on family or career, or simply being able to set and realize fitness goals. Every new Peloton member should have a sense of excitement and a new start as soon as they leave the showroom!


What do you love most about working on the team?  I love the community and culture! Coming from big box gyms and other fitness environments, I love seeing the connection of people no matter their beliefs and backgrounds because we all want to better ourselves. Peloton exemplifies that unlike anything I have ever seen “TOGETHER WE RIDE FAR!”

Who’s your favorite instructor? Jenn Sherman! From her awesome music selection to the attitude of forgetting the negative and focus on the task ahead. #TSTM

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want them to feel excited and encouraged to tackle the next mountain in their personal and fitness journey!
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Behind the Inspiration of our #RideProud Design

We talked with members of our Creative team to learn more about the inspiration for their designs within our #RideProud campaign.

When designing the “Ride Proud” logo, what was the initial feeling you wanted viewers to get from the design?

Geoff: We, of course, wanted to people to feel proud! We brought a level of confidence to the design and I hope that people feel that way when they wear the Boutique pieces with our designs on them. 

Isaac: What excited me the most was how iconic the stripes felt. It’s a little more of an elevated “flag” so we wanted people to feel that they could wear this logo outside of Pride Month. It’s like a subtle nod to Pride no matter when you wear it and I think Geoff did a brilliant job on the design!

Within the design, was there a purpose for having the lines placed vertically? 

Geoff: The orientation was not as specific as the decision was for the choice of stripes. The idea for the stripes was inspired by a design cue from the cycling world, in which the winner of the championships gets to add colored stripes to the cuff of their jersey. If you watch the Tour de France, every year one of those frontrunners who has previously won the World Championships the year before gets to wear the colored stripes. Beyond the cycling reference, the stripes also represent the movement of races, the road traveled and moving upward and onward, so to speak. We explored horizontal lines but I think the orientation we landed on was chosen through a process of ideation and exploration and seeing what would work best visually keeping in mind how horizontally focused our Peloton logo already is and making a departure from that for this campaign.

How do you want people to feel when they wear these designs?

Isaac: I think it’s important to create something that is rooted in the message of pride, art, and unity but it’s also important to create something that people can actually wear year round because Pride isn’t something that should just be celebrated only during the month of June. I know that when I put that shirt on now or in four months it’s still going to make me think about being proud in my everyday life and I think that the design has really allowed you to do that.

Isaac, what was your goal for the photos when shooting for our Pride campaign?

Isaac: We were very fortunate with this campaign in that we were able to feature our Peloton employees! Creating a fun photo shoot environment that made people feel comfortable was one very important aspect for me, especially since the message behind the campaign is unity, pride and celebrating our team’s diversity.

If you could sum up the feeling behind the designs and photography for Peloton’s 2017 Pride campaign, what would they be?

Geoff: Unity, celebration…

Isaac: …and confidence!

Ready to show your Pride? Find these designs throughout our #RideProud Boutique collection here.


Connect with your Local Peloton Showroom Community!

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What #rideproud means to Cody Rigsby

We caught up with Cody Rigsby to talk more about being yourself, the strength of the Peloton community and what it means to him to “Ride Proud”.


What does “Ride Proud” mean to you?

To me, “Ride Proud” means putting authenticity into everything that I do; it means being myself every day. I am so grateful for Peloton and the position that I have here because it gives me an unlimited space to be who I am. Hopefully, I’m able to inspire people to live their truth and be themselves each and every day on and off the bike.

What makes you proud to be part of the Peloton team?

I’m proud to be a part of the Peloton team because we are changing peoples’ lives and inspiring them to be their best every day, whether that’s through the bike, the technology, the community, or the instructors. We’re living our truest selves and what’s beautiful is that everyone’s story is different. Everyone brings a different something to the table so we’re able to learn from each other!

How do you think the inclusivity of the Peloton community helps everyone reach their goals?

This is something that I really love about Peloton. Especially during Pride Month, I’ve noticed how supportive this community is. We are here to build each other up and help push each other to the next level. Everyone is in it to win it. It feels like a, “You’re here to kick ass? I am here to kick ass too – let’s do it” mentality. This community breaks any sort of boundary and it doesn’t leave room for negativity.

Do you have an example of how our community worked together to support someone in reaching their goals?

We’ve had several occasions where riders would change their info on the leaderboard to reflect someone or something that they’re supporting. This happens often where riders put a purpose behind their ride to lift another rider up during a challenging time – it’s really amazing to see!

What do you want people to take away from Pride month?

To never fear being your truest self. Be daring enough to open your heart and life to people who are not like you. I want people to live their lives and be who they want to be, and carry their confidence with pride!

Ready to #rideproud with Cody? Take a look at his upcoming classes here.


Our Q&A with Peloton’s founders on operating with bias for action

We got to talk with our founders John Foley, Tom Cortese, Graham Stanton and Yony Feng about how the Peloton team carries out one of Peloton’s values, “Operating With a Bias for Action.”

Did launching Peloton feel like a huge risk or was there a big part of you that knew it would work?

Tom: My dad called me at one point when I was thinking about joining and I had a few other opportunities that were a little more legitimate compared to a start-up. I was telling my dad about another great job offer I received but I told him I was going to pass and still join John and the Peloton team. He then asked, “What chance do you give Peloton for succeeding?” and I said “30%.” He immediately asked me, “Well, why aren’t you taking the other job!?” and I said, “…that’s the whole point. We think that as we add to the team, we can grow that 30% and then the upside will be so massive if it actually does work.”

John: The reason why I gave Peloton more than a 30% chance was that every piece of this was controllable. It’s very simple: Are we building something that people will want and will we be able to market and sell it? I liked our chances once we pulled the thread through on the technology, making sure that the thesis worked with early software and content prototypes.

Speaking of risk, one of our early angel investors used to text me inspirational things and one day he texted me a quote that read, “Risk is the tariff paid to leave the shores of predictable misery.” Of course there’s risk but what is life without taking those risks, right? If you don’t take a risk, you’re going to be a drone and have a job that you complain about like many Americans. So the risk was part of the fun and part of the journey is taking that risk.

Yony: I think it’s kind of the lack of fear. You just say “I’m going to give it my best shot and I’m not really concerned about failure because I’m just going to give it my all.” There are new challenges every single day especially when you launch a platform. I anticipated the challenges we had on the software side but you have to not give up and keep pushing on it. You’re not going to think about failure because at that point you’re too busy to even consider it. There’s really no other concept in your mind other than to get everything right and get it launched.

John: I think that’s why we’re sitting here because of the people we surrounded ourselves with. We kept saying, “Failure is not an option, we are going to succeed, and we’re going to build one of the most special brands in the world.” What is going to surprise a lot of people as we continue to grow is that we’re just getting started. When we say we’re going to create the most special brand I still think we like our chances. We haven’t accomplished yet what we set out to accomplish; we’re still in the first inning of a business-building journey that is going to really surprise people.

Graham: It didn’t feel like there was a risk for Peloton. There were a few of us on the seed investor list whose $25,000 check was basically our life savings and I remember thinking, “This is the easiest investment I could make.” I knew most of the team already, it was a good product and I felt people would like it. I didn’t know if a few thousand people would like it or a few million people would like it but it was going to be a good product and a good business. It was purely an execution risk but I knew I was working with a group of people who are not going to let that be the problem.

What past failures did you learn from when forming the idea of Peloton?

John: I was seeing that the fun had been squeezed out of consumer internet by Google, Facebook, and Amazon and we were looking around trying to see where the next big opportunities were. Unfortunately, investors weren’t excited about a company building its own hardware; they were still looking for the software companies, the pure consumer internet companies. So, that was one of my learnings, saying, “Okay, this sounds hard, but it’s controllable.” No one is going to tell us that if we build the right product that someone is not going to buy it. We can market wherever and if we build something that people want, I’m confident that we’ll be able to sell it.  While hardware – and retail stores for that matter – is tough, it helps you control your own destiny. Most investors did not see that, but we saw it.  

Tom: To Graham’s point, we knew we had a business that could be built. How big could that business be? We weren’t sure but we used everything we knew about making great products that consumers love. We knew we could power that with an actual business model so that we had something that could sustain.

Graham: The companies that I had previous positions at had a natural ceiling for innovation, whereas Peloton from the beginning felt like something that could grow and ultimately be the premier fitness brand in the world. There was definitely a path there even if it wasn’t clear at first.

Yony: Mentally, I was very much prepared to put in a lot of hard work into Peloton. My previous opportunities trained me to know that I was going to have to work that hard.

What are you still learning today from the journey of Peloton?

John: We’ve created a great product, a great platform and we’ve sold a bunch of bikes. Now, we think, how do we build a very special, global brand? We’re past the scrappy entrepreneurship phase of Peloton and moving quickly into building a big sustainable, massive organization that includes different challenges, equally as hard, but that’s the big opportunity. We can’t be the guys who created the Peloton bike, we’ve got to be the guys who built a massively disruptive fitness technology company. That’s our ambition.

Tom: That’s where the company culture comes into play. We’re now taking into consideration everything that we think propelled us forward in the first 4 years and institutionalize it so it can propel forward the whole company for the next 4 years. It’s very important to us to feel passionate about Peloton and operate with our most important principles at our core.

Yony: I actually think the goal hasn’t changed which is focusing on the deliverables and what you’re getting done at the end of the day. The big learning for me is: don’t sweat too much and be receptive of new processes. Try to maintain that same goal at the end of the day which is deliverables and what you want to achieve. Keep your mind open to all kinds of innovative ways of doing things. Don’t be closed or quick to judge on approaches. I think it’s important to look at the results.

John: Sounds a lot like, “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.”

Tom: Right. And it’s not about accepting imperfection. There are certain things you have to have hard lines about that are impactful to the member experience that you just can’t surrender on but then other things that you knew you shouldn’t stress over incredibly that you can catch up on down the road.

How do you see this value, “Operate With a Bias for Action”, integrated throughout each team at Peloton today?

John: “Bias for action” and “putting points on the board every day” go hand in hand with autonomous teams. If you don’t have autonomy, there are processes that get in the way of putting things into action. I think culturally, we as the leadership team give our teams autonomy to operate and support to fail so that they can put something up good every day and they’re not nervous that they’re going to get beat up for it not being perfect. We have a culture of support and autonomy so there’s nothing in the way of you acting on something.

Graham: We like to hire people who know how to focus on action and results. People aren’t scared to take a chance and fail sometimes. 

Tom: We had a sign in the first office that said, “we always test in production.” Don’t just ponder, consider, and wonder what the results might be. Test and learn! The other piece of that is intellectual honesty and default to transparency. The people who demonstrate both of these will have an easier time in taking action on something. They’re not afraid to take the action and know that it may result in a bad outcome and I’m equally not afraid to go in front of the whole group and say, “Hey guys, I felt really strongly about this thing and I was wrong – here are 5 reasons why.”

John: We like operators who do things. We have people who are smart strategists who are also operators so a lot of it is about who you hire. A bias towards action is hard to teach. My good friend Rob Bernshteyn has said, “I like people who wake up in the morning and want to tear down walls with their face.” It’s that style of “don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, find a way, don’t wait for tomorrow, get it done right now,” type of operators who make Peloton a fun place to work. When you do a lot today, your job is definitionally different tomorrow. Hence the more dynamic you are, the more you love working at Peloton.

Since launch day, the team has come a long way by putting ideas into action. Take a look at some of our first studio and bike tests below as well as our Kickstarter campaign from 2013 here.


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A Closer Look: Our Chelsea Showroom Team

Meet The Showroom Team


What do you love most about working on the team? I love our team because we roll with the punches! We are adaptable, have each other’s backs, and we have built trusting relationships with our clients.

Who’s your favorite instructor and why? Jenn Sherman! She’s the boss. She pushes me to my limit in class, and always stops to chat on her way out.

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? Motivated. Confident. Elated!


What do you love most about working on the team? Until Peloton, I hadn’t worked with a team that I genuinely wanted to be friends with each other outside of work. Everyone is so supportive and caring of each other’s goals and needs, on and off our shifts. I feel very lucky.

Who’s your favorite instructor and why? It changes, but today I’ll say Alex (and not just because of the great name).  His music is always on point and his classes keep me focused and make me want to work harder!

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want them to feel inspired, ready to set goals that they can conquer with the team at Peloton there to support them every step of the way.


What do you love most about working on the team? My team! I know that coming into work I can always expect a good laugh. Also, I love the camaraderie we share when we help each other achieve our individual sales goals. That keeps me motivated and excited to share all that positive energy with our clients.

Who’s your favorite instructor and why? My favorite instructor is Cody! I can always count on him for a good Britney track so I can live out my pop princess fantasy while I ride!

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want new riders to feel that they genuinely made a friend throughout their purchasing process. That way they feel confident and excited to invest their lives with our amazing community.


What do you love most about working on the team? Our team! We’re a great collection of personality, passion, and talent. I always look forward to coming to work because I know it’s a fun and supportive environment. If I’m out of the showroom for any reason I trust everyone on the team to deliver an amazing experience to my clients on my behalf. A shift at Peloton is always filled with laughter, guaranteed.

Who’s your favorite instructor and why? Cody, without a doubt! He plays the jams! He’s down to earth and relatable. Always kind, generous and above all, sincere.

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want a new rider to feel empowered and in control of their health as they’re leaving the showroom. I want a new rider to feel excited about the barriers, hurdles and the extreme rewards that await because that’s how we grow!


What do you love most about working on the team? Our Pelo-Family! Every time I come into work I always feel excited to see everyone. It’s such a fun, loving, entertaining group of people and it makes for such a positive work space.

Who’s your favorite instructor and why? My favorite instructor is Cody. He makes class fun while still challenging you and pushing you to be your best self in every ride. I also love that he always has little mantras for each class or things to think about while riding, even if it’s just remembering to leave it all at the door and live your best life for 45 minutes!

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want a new rider to feel like they have found their happy place. I think in any sort of fitness setting people usually come to a place to make themselves better than they already are. I think it’s so important for that to be a nurturing and positive environment because there is no way to grow when you’re feeling like you’re being put down. I want every new rider to leave the store with a smile on their face thinking, “Wow, what a kick ass experience.”

Stay up to date with all of our Chelsea Showroom events on their Facebook Page here.
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Rider Story / Nicole Main

How were you first introduced to Peloton?

My friend Sara and her dad both have Peloton bikes and she would text me about all the amazing rides she was doing. I would wake up to texts like, “East Coast Hip Hop ride!’ She told me over and over again how much I needed to get the bike and it turns out, she was totally right!

In July of last year, I was super pregnant and unbeknownst to me, Sara and our other girlfriends convinced my husband to buy me a Peloton for our anniversary! It was crazy because I’d never done a spin class in my life, but it turned out to be a good gamble because I obviously love it! I wasn’t able to use it much right away, but I started about a month after our son Grayson was born. I haven’t stopped riding since!

What’s your favorite part of the workout?

The convenience, the coaches, and the competition! I love that I can get my ride in whenever it fits in with my schedule which usually ends up being early in the morning. I’m a huge fan of the live rides, but I’m usually grabbing an on-demand class whenever I can. Then there are the coaches; they are the best. Lately, I’ve been riding with Alex and Steven (#HRTribe for life!). Both of these guys are so motivating. Alex always reminds me to smile because I woke up (while playing all the best songs that remind me of high school) and Steven drops amazing pearls of wisdom all the time. His reminders to both #PIVOT and to “check myself before I wreck myself” are super helpful for both my rides and mom life. Finally, I do love the competition but lately, I’ve learned to enjoy competing mostly with myself. It’s fun to chase a personal record or do a ride over again and see how much I’ve improved.

Can you describe how the class experience makes you feel?

Energized! This is especially true with live rides. I’ve audibly celebrated when getting a shout out or passing someone who I’ve been chasing on the leaderboard. Also, I feel like I’m not alone even though I’m definitely in a garage, usually, all by myself.

How has Peloton impacted your role as a mother?

My bike definitely makes me a better “Pelo-mom.” After Grayson was born, I went from getting lots of sleep to getting very little sleep – total zombie-status each day. So when I was ready to start exercising again, I forced myself to get it done each day because I knew it would give me the energy I needed to be a good mom for both of my kids. My bike makes it so easy and fun to get my workout in so that I’m energized to mom it up for the rest of the day.

Also, I love that my kids see me working out regularly. When my daughter sees me with my heart monitor on she says, “Have a good ride!” and when I get back in she always asks, “How was your ride?”. She can’t wait until she’s big enough to “do a ride,” too.

How would you describe the support from the Peloton community especially from other moms?

My Facebook feed has definitely had a Pelo-takeover, but I love it!  Between the Official Rider Page, #HRTribe, and the Peloton mom group, I’m inundated with inspiration, humor, sound advice, and people who just love their bike and this community. Seeing everyone else push past obstacles, no matter how small or large, to achieve their goals is daily motivation to keep at it. Each day I see so many moms getting their rides in and that inspires me to get mine done too.

Being a busy mom, how has Peloton changed your ability to fit in your workouts? 

As a mom, it’s so easy to deprioritize yourself and make excuses to avoid your workout.  But by having my bike right in my house I have a daily reminder to get rid of any excuse I might have and just ride. I can workout with the baby monitor clipped to the bike while both my kids nap, with my little guy in his jumper, or if all else fails, while babywearing!


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Where to Eat

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David Zwirner Gallery

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Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise

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Anastasia on Broadway

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