Copy of AR5A1623_1_RT (1)What was the overall inspiration behind your collection?

I have been in athletics most of my life so I’ve learned to love gear that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also highly functional. The Rhone training pant is an excellent piece that looks and feels great. The bib short is an absolute must for any cyclist and Hincapie Sportswear makes a great version! Finally, the tech shirt is not only fun, but it is an great shirt to break a sweat in.

What was your favorite part throughout the design process?

I loved trying on all the samples and learning about how the clothing design process works. It was fun to see what’s currently offered in the market and how it all comes together!


Can you tell us a little bit behind each piece of the collection?

I wanted a sleek-looking pant that I could run and/or warm-up in and that dries quickly. Resistance to rain and wind was also important so that they could withstand all elements during a workout!

Normal cycling shorts have a tendency to sag during a ride. Bib shorts are much more comfortable, especially for longer rides as they prevent any chance for your outfit to become uncomfortable. I decided to add the “MW” logo to include a personal stamp.

I love a good shirt to workout in and the term “wilpered,” was created by a home rider. Not only is this shirt great to move in but it has a touch of the Peloton community integrated into it. The best of both worlds!


How do you want people to feel when they wear it?

Since I always encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, I want someone to feel that the clothing supports their active endeavors and looks and feels professional.


What’s your favorite part about this collection?

Tough question! I would have to say that my favorite part of the collection is the shirt because it’s such a functional piece and it speaks to the strength of the Peloton community!

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