Peloton’s Newest Instructor / Q&A With Jennifer Jacobs

Having spent the past 10 years living in the South of France teaching fitness classes in person and online, Jennifer Jacobs is a seasoned pro at staying connected to you, whether it’s in a studio or through a screen. With her one-on-one motivational style and cool-girl music mixes (her NorCal meets Euro background means she’s got diverse taste—think EDM, rap, R&B and 80s), she’ll get you up a hill in no time flat. We chatted with Jennifer a little more to get to know more about the motivation and drive behind her craft. 


Describe your style of teaching and type of motivation you use in your class?

As aggressive or tough as I may come off or look in class, I’m known for being generous. I give a lot of myself. It may look like it’s all under control but I’m right there with you. I’ve got those same issues where I don’t think I can push myself but then I do and I surprise myself. So can you.

What kind of music do you play in class?

I can ride to anything! A broad mix of EDM, hip hop, R&B, rock and 80’s Pop. Anything that moves me and makes me want to move. I love making a story behind my playlist.

What attracted you to fitness?

I love to connect to people, understanding people’s struggles, becoming relatable. I recognize that a lot of exercise is physical but I know the majority of it is mental.

I grew up being athletic. I was involved in team sports like cheerleading and softball but also loved roller skating! I was approached in college to become a personal trainer and that taught me a lot about determination and dedication.

My journey as a personal trainer is not mine alone but a journey I choose to take with each one of my clients. I love that each of my client’s goals becomes my own goals.

Favorite quote or mantra.

“Be better today than you were yesterday.” I feel like you can always get better even if you feel great about yourself. There’s always a take away from any situation, whether good or bad, that you can use to improve upon. Not to say that you should always feel unsatisfied, but there’s always room to grow.

What are you most excited about joining the Peloton team?

Being able to reach people no matter their location. Whether they’re in the studio or across the globe. To be a part of such an innovative team in the fitness realm is thrilling!

What is your favorite way to spend your downtime?

I love being with people so I love hosting dinner parties especially “Taco Tuesdays”. I love to cook and I’m always up for a game of pool or cards.

How do you motivate in class? 

I’m there riding for you. I am there to motivate those in front of me, pushing them to keep going to move past the challenges ahead. For those behind me. I am there to help them keep going.

Who are your heros?

The Judds. Not to say I’m a huge fan of country music but I love their story. They never stop no matter what – Their resilience is inspiring.

Use 3 words to describe your class. 

Dynamic. Focused. Driven.

Favorite ways to cross train?

Boxing, TRX training as well as strength & balance exercises that challenge the core.

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