Jenn Sherman’s 5 new ways to refresh your workout for spring

1A2C99891.) Start small

Setting small, attainable goals is a great way to challenge yourself on the bike. Setting large, unattainable goals could leave you feeling defeated and frustrated. Start small and go from there! For example, if your instructor is calling out 50 resistance for 1 minute, try taking it to 55 to kick it up a notch. Don’t worry about others around you on the leaderboard. Just do you and be proud of your small successes that will lead to even greater ones!

 2.) Show someone new on the leaderboard some support

The Peloton community is a supportive and inclusive family. Reach out to a new home rider by inviting them to ride with you sometime soon. They will feel welcomed and you will have a new riding partner to share the experience with!

3.) Set an attainable nutritional goal

Set a new nutritional goal. For me, drinking more water is a must. I’ve recently eliminated sugar or anything processed from my diet and I’ve never felt better!

4.) Show off your favorite gear 

There’s nothing like a cool new pair of “magic pants” or a fresh new top from the Peloton boutique to get you feeling like a million bucks on the bike. Spruce up your workout wardrobe for spring by treating yourself to a few new special pieces to sweat it out in. It feels great to look like a badass on the bike, even if no one can see you!

5.) Be proud of your accomplishments 

I always say, be proud of all that you have accomplished on this bike. Whether it’s your 10th ride or your 500th, every pedal stroke counts! Pedal your way through spring feeling stronger and healthier as we head into summer!

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