Peloton News: Welcoming Lori Marcus as Peloton’s new CMO

Peloton is excited to welcome Lori Marcus to Peloton’s marketing team. We wanted to dive in and get to know Lori a little better with a quick Q&A to get a sense of her background, excitement for the company and her vision for Peloton’s future. Read more below.Lori

  1. What are you most looking forward to in joining the Peloton team?

I’m super excited to join a smaller, early stage company where I feel like I can have a major impact — not just on driving the brand and the business, but also continuing to build on the great culture to build one of the greatest companies out there! I’ve been so impressed with the passion and the energy of the team. It will be an honor to work with this group.

  1. Coming in, what did Peloton represent to you?

When I first heard about the company in December, my first reaction was “how nice of these people to create a product perfectly targeted to me!”. I went to the Westchester and tried the bike almost immediately after doing the research about the company. I adore my Peloton bike. I only wish it had been invented 21 years ago, when my daughter was born and I needed a way to get a workout in when she was napping!  

Moreover, Health and Fitness is at the center of my personal mission. I’m not deeply religious or political. My passion is around health, wellness and fitness. It’s always been important to me, but even more so over the past 7 years, as a cancer survivor. For me, the opportunity to help build a great company that is so aligned with my personal mission is a gift. I started a keynote speaking practice where I talk to students and executives about the importance of exercise. This is such a perfect fit for me.  

  1. How are you going to apply what you have learned from your past experiences to Peloton?

I’ve been fortunate to have classical brand marketing training at PepsiCo, and I think that’s important when you’re trying to build one of the most important brands, like Peloton. While at PepsiCo, I also got a good foundation in channel strategy, consumer insight, marketing services and business analytics. That, combined with the experience I’ve had at The Children’s Place and Keurig Green Mountain in social media marketing, e-commerce, visual merchandising, marketing communications, consumer engagement & CRM should be helpful.  I also was fortunate to have years of leadership training at PepsiCo. I’m obsessed with building great teams and great culture. Can’t wait to be able to apply that at Peloton.  

  1. Where do you pull inspiration from?

I tend to be inspired by the people around me. I’m a big believer in that the people around me are smart, creative, and enlightened. I love to ask lots of questions and derive energy from others. In addition, I’m a health and fitness enthusiast, and I get much of my inspiration from my yoga practice. It keeps me focused and centered and reminds me to keep my eyes open to all the wonder in the world. I also get much of my inspiration from the non-profit work that I do. I meet so many wonderful people who are making a big impact in the world.  

  1. What do you most love about the Peloton bike and experience?

I love everything about my peloton bike. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it has meaningfully changed my life. I love the convenience of having the ability to get a great workout right in my basement. I also love that I choose the ride every day so I pick what I’m in the mood for, which means I have the best workout of my year EVERY Day! I’m also much more fierce than when I go to Joy Ride, because it’s just me, alone in my basement.  I’m singing along with Jenn Sherman or dancing on my bike with Cody or psyching myself up to see “Hamilton” when I ride with Robin’s broadway ride. Peloton has changed my relationship with home fitness. I went from utter boredom on my elliptical machine (watching “The Good Wife” on DVR, barely breaking a sweat and looking at my watch every 3 minutes) to now, where I wake up in the morning, getting excited about choosing which class I’m going to take. I love that I can preview the classes and pick exactly the right class at the right time for my mood. Occasionally I’ll join a class that I don’t love, and I’ll just stop it and pick a different one. When I’m at Joy Ride and they decide to surprise me with a Joe Cocker tribute or a techno hip hop ride, I wish I could get up and leave.  Peloton is so empowering in that way. Honestly, I post so much about my Peloton experience on Facebook that most of my Facebook friends assume that I already work for the company.

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