Meet The Showroom Team


Blair Friley

What do you love most about working on the team? I absolutely love the culture of the Santa Monica showroom, which is one of the best aspects of my job. I come to work every day with a team who is passionate, eager, fun, humble, and who push me to be a better manager. Our showroom has a work-hard-play-hard atmosphere and a culture that has us excited to come to work!

Who’s your favorite instructor and why? My favorite instructor is a toss-up between Alex and CodyAlex, because of his incredible hip-hop playlists that push me through a workout; Cody because of his personality and one-liners that make me forget I’m in the middle of a workout.

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want new bike owners to feel “WOW’d” by the retail experience and customer service we provide them at Peloton Santa Monica. I want them to feel an emotional connection and excitement for the Peloton “family” they just joined. Lastly, I want them to feel inspired and empowered by their new Peloton bike so they can be an even better version of themselves.

Team nickname: “Queen B”


Pearce Eastwood

What do you love most about working on the team? I thoroughly enjoy working alongside the team we have, as we all benefit from each other’s personalities. A typical workday will involve a lot of laughing, leading to positive interactions with customers. The overall happiness levels in the showroom definitely result in making us more productive as a group!

Who’s your favorite instructor and why? My favorite instructor is Robin because she rides and coaches with so much passion! The effort and skill that she puts into each workout is inspiring.

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want a new bike owner to feel accomplished and excited for the future. When a customer leaves our store after I have assisted them with ordering their bike, I want them to feel empowered and overcome with joy for joining the Peloton community.

Team nickname: “P$ Eastwood”


Shannon Jensen

What do you love most about working on the team? The people! I love coming to work every day and being surrounded by like-minded people who value living a healthy and active lifestyle and are dedicated to assisting others with instilling that lifestyle.
Who’s your favorite instructor and why? Alex, hands down! The music and his demeanor is amazing. No one pumps me up more and makes me work harder. (And he’s not bad to look at).

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want new bike owners to feel completely and utterly inspired!

Team nickname: “Shan-Meow”


Kristen Schanck

What do you love most about working on the team? I love the people! I feel so lucky to work with such kind, inspiring individuals who push me to be better.

Who’s your favorite instructor and why? Cody! He keeps class fun no matter how hard it gets. My ideal workout is one that pushes me to my limit but that I also enjoy.

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? Excited! I want this person to feel confident in the decision they just made and excited for what the future holds.

Team nickname: “Kri-Kri”


Mark Cohen

What do you love most about working on the team? I love being part of the Santa Monica showroom because our teamwork creates synergy and promotes a sense of achievement and motivation.

Who’s your favorite instructor and why? I love several instructors however I prefer Robin. I enjoy her high energy, motivation and instruction.

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? My clients should feel happy, inspired, excited, and motivated when they walk out the door of our store. Purchasing their Peloton bike will be a life changing experience, and I want that experience to be elevated and made special through the Santa Monica showroom.

Team nickname: “Maverick”

Stay up to date with all of the Santa Monica Showroom events on their Facebook Page here.

Interested in working at one of our showroom locations? Find our complete list of open retail positions here. 

Putting members first within the design of our heart rate feature


We sat down with members of our product and engineering teams, Dave, Benoit, and Minxin to talk more about why it was important to design our latest heart rate feature with a user-centered mindset.

Why was this feature so important to put into motion?

Dave: As we’ve grown, we’ve observed an increase in the percentage of users who take workouts with heart rate monitors. It offers a very individualized metric, that is catered to their fitness level. While output is a core metric in the Peloton experience (and helps connect riders on the leaderboard), heart rate zone training is a great way for users to tailor their training to themselves.

Benoit: We’re not just streaming cycling classes but building experiences around them. When our instructors teach new techniques that become popular, we think it’s important to build them into our application so they become part of the experience! In a lot of ways, it’s what makes Peloton so special.

We know that this feature was a major request from riders. Is there extra excitement around creating a feature that’s highly anticipated by the community?

Minxin: Absolutely! We knew that the user experience would be elevated by heart rate zone training, and being able to develop the feature based on user feedback is inspiring!

Benoit: Every feature we build or change we really do with our users in mind but there’s always an extra bit of excitement when it’s something they’ve been waiting for! 

Dave: I personally enjoy following along with user feedback after the launch (either through the Facebook rider page or from our support team,) to see how our riders are using the feature. There is a lot to learn based on initial excitement, and it helps to further improve the feature down the line.


How was this feature built with our members in mind?

Dave: This feature was a direct response to feedback from our users, and the traction that our heart rate zone training classes had. During the design and development process, we tested a number of different prototypes on users and people around the office, in the end settling on the simple solution that is now available.

Minxin: To keep the user experience in mind, we considered two aspects: the default framework that provides the user with guidance and the other is the customized framework where the user can achieve their desired heart rate zone training experience.

What was the collaboration process like for this feature?

Benoit: There is a lot of information we want to show our users when they’re taking a class and even with our amazing display, it’s hard to add new things without it starting to look like a dashboard. During this process, we worked very closely with the design team to make sure we show the information users want to see without cluttering the user interface.

Dave: At Peloton, we believe that ideas and feedback can come from all directions and departments. In this particular project, we worked closely with instructors to understand the philosophy of heart rate training, designers to figure out how to add it to the interface, and developers on the best way to execute.

How can riders anticipate this feature evolving over time?

Dave: Overall, heart rate zones is still a fairly basic feature. We stuck to the simple route so that we could deliver this without a complete overhaul of our in-class screen. Over time we think the heart rate feature will become deeply embedded into the experience, specifically as it relates to a user’s workout history. I also think there are opportunities to improve the display of heart rate zones in class, to help users better measure their rate of recovery and their overall heart rate stats for a specific class.

Learn more on our heart rate zone feature here


Count Yourself In For Our Brand-New Encore Rides


Get ready for more ways to get the best workout imaginable on your time! We’re building out the live schedule with the introduction of our brand-new Encore rides: re-aired classes featuring a live leaderboard.

Encore rides offer you more opportunities to ride with friends by allowing you to join re-airings of live classes you may have missed.Whether you’re in a timezone far from NYC, or simply too busy during studio hours, you can still enjoy competing in real time with even more time slots to climb a clean leaderboard.

All Encore rides are now listed on our live schedule, and include the original class air date as well as the scheduled re-airing time — so you can count yourself in just as you would a normal live class.

Click here to view all upcoming Encore Rides!


Just In: Brand-New Beyond the Ride Workouts


We’ve just added a brand-new batch of Beyond the Ride workouts to our on-demand library! This latest release features a wide variety of content from targeted toning exercises to post-bike stretches — all of which are perfect to pair with your Peloton rides.

Christine D’Ercole’s 5-Minute Arms

Robin Arzon’s 5-Minute Post-Ride Stretch & 10-Minute HIIT Workout

Jennifer Jacobs’ 10-Minute Full Body Workout

Matt Wilpers‘ 10-Minute Foam Rolling

Jess King’s 10-Minute HIIT Workout

Cody Rigsby’s 5-Minute Abs

Hannah Marie Corbin’s 5-Minute Pre-Ride Stretch

Check out these new sessions on the Peloton app for the best experience, or access them on your Peloton bike.

Have you been working hard? Show us on social with the tag #beyondtheride.



Copy of AR5A1623_1_RT (1)What was the overall inspiration behind your collection?

I have been in athletics most of my life so I’ve learned to love gear that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also highly functional. The Rhone training pant is an excellent piece that looks and feels great. The bib short is an absolute must for any cyclist and Hincapie Sportswear makes a great version! Finally, the tech shirt is not only fun, but it is an great shirt to break a sweat in.

What was your favorite part throughout the design process?

I loved trying on all the samples and learning about how the clothing design process works. It was fun to see what’s currently offered in the market and how it all comes together!


Can you tell us a little bit behind each piece of the collection?

I wanted a sleek-looking pant that I could run and/or warm-up in and that dries quickly. Resistance to rain and wind was also important so that they could withstand all elements during a workout!

Normal cycling shorts have a tendency to sag during a ride. Bib shorts are much more comfortable, especially for longer rides as they prevent any chance for your outfit to become uncomfortable. I decided to add the “MW” logo to include a personal stamp.

I love a good shirt to workout in and the term “wilpered,” was created by a home rider. Not only is this shirt great to move in but it has a touch of the Peloton community integrated into it. The best of both worlds!


How do you want people to feel when they wear it?

Since I always encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, I want someone to feel that the clothing supports their active endeavors and looks and feels professional.


What’s your favorite part about this collection?

Tough question! I would have to say that my favorite part of the collection is the shirt because it’s such a functional piece and it speaks to the strength of the Peloton community!

Ready to grab all of your favorite pieces? Shop Matt’s collection here.




Get ready to show us your best effort in our April Training Program. On the first of each month, we’ll be updating this collection to provide a fresh routine. Including a mix of rides, Beyond The Ride and Beyond The Ride Yoga workouts, this line-up is designed to help you train smarter and more effectively with your favorite Peloton instructors. Get started with April’s program and look forward to updates every month. 


The training program consists of 7 recommended classes per week for the month of April. We recommend the below programs for each fitness level:


2-3 classes per week


4-5 classes per week


5-6 classes per week

Make sure to cool down and accompany each session with our recommended stretches included in the program.

Ready, set – #trainpeloton

Are these upgrades helping you pedal to peak performance? We want to know! Please send any feedback and questions to support@pelotoncycle.com, or share your thoughts on our Peloton Riders Facebook page.


Celebrate the 2017 Home Rider Invasion at a showroom near you!


This year’s Home Rider Invasion isn’t just a party in NYC. We’re celebrating HRI all over the country by throwing special events at select showrooms!

Stop by a location near you to catch up with fellow home riders, enjoy complimentary drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and bumping tunes from our live DJ. You can even shop the Peloton Boutique and stock up on exclusive styles and top fitness brands.

Interested in taking a live ride alongside fellow home riders in your area? You can reach out to your local showroom manager to reserve a seat on one of our showroom bikes and join a live class streamed from our studio. Even if you aren’t in NYC, you can still get in on that celebratory energy!

For specific event info, start times, and showroom manager contact details, please visit your local showroom’s Facebook page:

Atlanta: @pelotonlenoxsquare

Austin: @pelotonaustintx

Boca Raton: @pelotonboca

Boston: @pelotonboston

Corte Madera: @pelotoncortemadera

Dallas: @pelotonnorthparkcenter

Detroit: @pelotondetroit

Houston: @pelotonhoustongalleria

Manhasset: @pelotonmanhasset

Newport Beach: @pelotonnewportbeach

Oak Brook: @pelotonchicago

Palo Alto: @pelotonpaloalto


Santa Monica: @pelotonsantamonica

Short Hills: @pelotonshorthills

Washington DC: @pelotontysonscorner

Westchester: @pelotonwestchester

Remember, together we ride…and party! Hope to see you there.


A Closer Look: Our King of Prussia Showroom Team


Meet The Showroom Team


image3 (8)

What do you love most about working on the team? Aside from working for an amazing team and being a part of such a supportive community, seeing my clients come back a few months (or even weeks) healthier, happier, and hardcore Peloton advocates is what I love most! Being able to be apart of the reason people commit to a healthier lifestyle is the reason why I love being at Peloton!

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want them to feel like they aren’t just committing to a purchase but to a lifestyle. I want them to be excited about the journey they are going to start!

Who’s your favorite instructor? Ally Love! I love that her classes are rhythm based.


IMG_5126 2

What do you love most about working on the team? I love the unity and support among the employees and management. I like that Peloton offers opportunities for advancement. It’s a great culture with an awesome product!

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want a new rider to feel happy and welcomed. I want them to feel excited that they just made the best purchase ever!

Who’s your favorite instructor? Jess King! She is my spirit animal!



What do you love most about working on the team? I love working at Peloton because my team brings a smile to my face every day. We love helping people be better versions of themselves. Being a part of a community that inspires and motivates is just the icing on the cake!

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want a new rider to feel like they just joined a community of riders and gained a few new friends at our showroom. Most importantly, I want them to feel confident in their purchase and in their ability to use our bike properly.

Who’s your favorite instructor? Robin Arzon! I love her energy!



What do you love most about working on the team? Aside from the fact that Peloton has introduced me to the world of sales which is what I want to do after college, I love working here because I’m selling a product that I truly believe in. I am passionate about fitness and honestly think it is an aspect of life that can help you through anything.

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want a new rider to feel completely blown away by their experience with our bike. I want them to feel like they just purchased something they cannot find anywhere else!

Who’s your favorite instructor? Steven Little. His classes have great structure!



What do you love most about working on the team? I love the people I work beside and the community it attracts, At Peloton, all different walks of life become one family. Every day is different! I love that my job challenges me to think outside of the box.

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want a new rider to feel motivated to begin their fitness journey and know that they have an entire community behind them.

Who’s your favorite instructor? Ally Love because she plays a variety of high energy music!


image1 (1)

What do you love most about working on the team? It’s not only a job that allows me to share my passion for fitness but also I have the satisfaction of knowing that I’m representing a brand that’s truly dedicated to making people’s lives better. Every day I’m surrounded by coworkers who generate great energy, which translates into amazing customer relationships. Peloton is not only a great workplace but also a community, one which I’m very appreciative to be a part of!

How do you want a new rider to feel walking out of the store after just purchasing their bike? I want them to feel confident and excited about their purchase and know they can reach back out to me at anytime.

Who’s your favorite instructor? Robin Arzon! She’s intense and I love it!

Stay up to date with all of our KOP Showroom events and featured window riders on their Facebook Page here.
Interested in working at one of our showroom locations? Find our complete list of open retail positions here. 

Rider Story / Kylie Schalz

FullSizeRender (3)

Has Peloton helped you work through challenges?

In 2011 I suffered a spinal cord injury during a routine back surgery. I woke up paralyzed from the chest down and the first words I remember hearing from my surgeon were that I would never move, feel or walk again. I never believed these words, but instead pushed hard in physical therapy with my primary goal being to walk again. I fell in love with an adaptive spin bike while at the hospital. It had the power to spin my legs when they could not move in order to train the muscles and nervous system to eventually move again. After several weeks I was moving the pedals on my own and four months later I walked out of the hospital with the use of crutches. I now walk with the use of the cane, living and working in one of the toughest cities in the world, NYC.

Prior to paralysis I was entering my final season as a student-athlete at Oakland University in Michigan. Going from a Division 1 athlete to completely paralyzed can be incredibly defeating. I lost my identity as an athlete and searched for competition. I worked very hard to prove the medical professionals wrong and walk again, but I still found it difficult to find that athletic outlet. When I found Peloton that void was filled. I was finally able to compete on the same playing field as everyone else again. When I am on the bike my disability becomes ability and for 45 minutes I am my old self again. I can compete on the same leaderboard as the rest of the Peloton community and push past the limitations I face off the bike.

In addition to the competition, Peloton provides quite a bit of medical benefits as well. My legs get stronger every ride and the metrics Peloton provides every workout are a direct indication of my progression. Before I rode my first ride with Peloton, I believed that I had plateaued in my recovery. I would never get any stronger or be able to regain anything more. I thought I would walk with a cane for the rest of my life. Since then, I have seen an exponential progression in my Peloton metrics which has been directly reflected in my walking, balance and overall health. I jumped and jogged for the first time in 6 years just a few weeks ago and I only use a cane when walking around the streets of NYC. Peloton has given me a new boost of rehabilitation and shown me that there are no limits and proves that there is no such thing as a “plateau” in this recovery.


How were you first introduced to Peloton?

My mom, Robin, first told me about the Peloton. She bought the bike and was immediately addicted to it. It was all she could talk about. When I went home she had me try it out. I was skeptical because every cardio I had tried to this point required significant adaptation. My spinal cord injury prevented me from being able to hop on the treadmill without someone there to watch me or jump on a bike without taping my shoes to the pedals. I had yet to find a cardio workout that I could perform at high intensity, safely and on my own. When I hopped on her Peloton bike I was incredibly surprised. This was a piece of cardio equipment that I could do. For one of the first times since paralysis I felt like my old athletic self again. Robin Arzon was spitting out some crazy one-liners of inspiration, I was competing on the leaderboard, pushing past my limitations and suddenly for 45 minutes I forgot that I had a disability. My girlfriend, Alaina, tried a ride after me and was hooked. Our first rides were all that we needed to get one for ourselves.


What is your favorite part of the workout?

My favorite part of the workout is getting lost in the ride. For 45-60 minutes every day I, move my body and push past limits that so many said I could never overcome, forgetting completely that I have a disability. I look at every ride as an opportunity to turn ‘I can’t’ into ‘I CAN’. And when the music stops and the workout is over I cannot help but have this overwhelming feeling of pride for what I have just accomplished. Every ride I finish is a miracle. Every ride is proof that impossible is nothing. Every pedal stroke is a choice to disable my limits and leave my struggles behind. I was told I would never walk again and now I am conquering massive climbs and high intensity sprints every single day. I was told I would never feel my body again and now I can feel the burn in my quads and hamstrings every day and let me tell you it feels great!


Who is your favorite instructor and why?

My favorite instructor varies day to day based on how I am feeling. That’s the beauty of Peloton. There are so many different personalities and coaching styles that you have the luxury of fulfilling whatever it is you are looking for on any given day. On days when I am feeling in need of a pick me up or some genuine inspiration I prefer to take Christine’s classes because she provides more inspiration with her mantra #iamicaniwillido than I think she really knows. She reminds me to turn “I can’t” into “I can” every single ride and always manages to make me crack a smile during some of the toughest climbs. On days that I am feeling like a boss I take Robin’s rides to get some serious swagger in my life. I honestly do not understand where she pulls some of her phrases from, but they are incredible. I also really enjoy Steven Little’s #HRTribe. This has been a great learning tool for me in understanding how my body and heart work and how to use them in the most efficient ways. Honestly, it is so difficult to choose. All of the instructors are fantastic at what they do!



How has Peloton changed working out for you?

Working out has always been a passion of mine, but since my injury, I have struggled to find a way to push beyond my limits…until Peloton. I have found my competitive and tenacious self again. I have gone from being told I would never walk again to riding Peloton every day. My confidence has sky rocketed and I have pushed myself in so many other areas of fitness as a result. In November 2016 I climbed 103 flights of stairs to the top of the Willis (previously Sears) Tower in Chicago to raise money for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, where I spent several months learning to walk again. I am also training for the Paralympics in cycling and wheelchair racing. I had always found myself saying “I wish I could…” or “someday I will be able to…” but Peloton has torn apart my fear of failure and pushed me to stop wishing and start doing.


How would you describe the Peloton community?

When we bought the bike we knew we were getting a world-class spin bike with excellent instructors and classes. What we did not know we would also be getting was a second family. The Peloton community is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is such a safe place of positivity, motivation, and inspiration without judgment.

There is nothing better than seeing how this bike has changed so many lives across the world. Peloton means a group of riders racing together and that is exactly what this community embodies.


Ready for more inspiration? Find our complete list of Rider Stories here.